The Garden of Sinners Standard Edition Box Set Blu-ray (Import)

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About The Garden of Sinners Standard Edition Box Set Blu-ray (Import)

This box set contains The Garden of Sinners movies 1-7 and bonus movie "Final Chapter: The Garden of Sinners," plus leaflets of visuals of each movie, housed in a rigid box illustrated by original character designer Takashi Takeuchi.

After lying in a coma caused by a traffic accident for two years, Shiki Ryougi awakens with amnesia. Inexplicably she finds that she has also obtained the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception," with which she can see the invisible lines of mortality that hold every living and non-living thing together.

Working for a small independent agency, Shiki attempts to unravel the baffling mystery behind a series of abnormal, horrifying incidents. Are they a foreshadowing that leads to something even more tragic and ominous? Things are not what they appear to be on the surface, but what dark revelations lie underneath?

In this modern occult-action thriller, Shiki must tackle supernatural incidents with her special abilities while searching for her purpose for living.

Special Features: "Pre-show Reminder" Videos.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles, Japanese subtitles.

Due to licensing and contract restrictions, this product can be sold and shipped to the US and Canada only. This product cannot be shipped to Japan. All sales are final. It may be returned for an exchange if defective, but unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English, Japanese
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Run Time: 530
  • Release Date: 11/10/2015
  • Dimensional Weight: 1.2
  • Region Code: A

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Shut up and Take My Money

by -

Kara no Kyoukai is a personal favorite anime of mine, and now it's on Blu-ray.

The series is acclaimed among fans. The visuals in the series are absolutely outstanding and second to none. The story is complex, interesting, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The music is phenomenal. It has a nice culmination of eastern and western aspects of music that add to this series something that most other soundtrack don't have.

Unfortunately, all things have cons. The series itself is quite dark in terms of story. I suggest you don't let younger children watch this. The series is also quite expensive. $300 is a lot to drop on an anime. This is something you might want to really think about before dropping that kind of money.

In any case, I highly recommend this series to anyone. It has amazing quality that most anime never have and it has some of the best story telling in anime I have ever seen. But the draw backs are it exclusivity to a young audience and the step price.

Falling In Love Means Never Having To Say You're A Murderer

by -

Type Moon. Ufotable. Yuki Kajiura. If you're a big fan of any of these,then you should consider this series. If you can handle a series whose story is told in a non-linear fashion a la 'Baccano',you should be alright. If you don't like moments of intense violence(like 'Baccano'),be warned:it can get messy and unpleasant. If you're a 'dub only' person, there isn't one--find the Main Menu and set your subtitles 'ON' before you start watching. The Pre-Movie sequences are a hoot!

This might be Kajiura-sensei's best anime soundtrack to date. But with all great anime,its the characters-- Shiki and Mikiya-- that make this series stand out. A horror-thriller,yes,but at its core,'Garden of Sinners' is actually a love story. I hope this might help somebody 'on the fence' out there decide it's worth watching and owning,and not feel like it's only for the 'Thurston Howell the 3rd' collector-type of anime fan. Highly Recommended(not for kids,though).

Own a piece of Anime history

by -

This is an expensive item, let's just be honest here. Even at its discounted price of $320, it's still too expensive. That being said, any fan of this show or collector that wants to own one of the most truly ambitious and beautiful anime projects in history will certainly enjoy this purchase.

Included are all 7 movies and the Epilogue. Also the cute pre-show reminders to turn off your cell phones in theatres. Each disc box also comes with a small couple page booklet including some cool images of the characters, it's fairly bare-bones.

None of that matters when you pop these babies in the blu-ray player though and start enjoying the breathtaking animation, 5.1 surround sound Yuki Kiujira OST, and riveting story that takes you on endless twists and turns through its non-linear storytelling. I'm not sure we'll see another project of such ambition for a long time. If you're a big KnK fan and you've never truly seen the show in HD glory, you owe it to youself to do so.


by -

This is absolutely one of my favorite animes and a must buy on blu ray, now that it's actually kind of affordable. I remembered when this first came out on Rightstuf and the dvds were, I believe $160 and the limited edition blu ray was like $800. Unfortunately, I refused to pay $800 so I opted for the $160 dvds. The dvds were great but now that I finally upgraded, the blu rays are even better. Considering this set is $320, it's not cheap, but it's cheap considering it's from Aniplex. Although, expensive, I never really feel cheated when I buy animes from Aniplex as nobody beats them when it comes to quality. If this was released by Funimation or Sentai, they would have found a way to fit it all into 3 blu ray discs. Anyway, if you can afford this series and is remotely interested, buy with confidence as it's a great series. Oh, although this series is told in nonlinear fashion, you'll be confused for the first 3 - 4 movies but after that, everything starts piecing itself together.

Great Series

by -

As one review already mentioned, Type Moon, Ufotable, and Yuki Kajiura. You cannot get much better than that in terms of story, animation/direction, and score, respectively. It all came together to make one of the greatest anime ever created. It is a dark and interesting murder mystery and I highly recommend it to all anime fans.

This series only failing, is that it was licensed by Aniplex and it is not available on any legal streaming site. Meaning, if you want to see it, you have to take a big risk. Without a doubt, I believe Garden of Sinners is one of the best anime series ever made. However, at that price and without any legal means to sample it, it is hard to call it a must buy. If you have to money, buy it now because Aniplex has a bad habit of manufacturing scarcity (see Fate/Zero blu-rays).

This must be purchased to get 100% completion on GTA V.

by -

As others have stated: Visuals, soundtrack, character and story development; all fantastic. Plus, the boxset is easily in the top 3 nicest ones I own. It's beautiful, it almost looks lacquered. A real treasure. It complete me.



It's a shame this anime by is obscure to a point of seeming almost non-existent-at least in the west, anyway-because "mindblowing" is a very accurate description of it. You want an anime to blow your mind? This one will blow your mind in half and you will have trouble getting GOS out of your head for at least a very long time, that's for sure. Seriously incredible. Especially recommended to people who appreciate and enjoy ridiculously wild, crazy and unique stories and lots of heavy mature themes. I was surprised there were no movie descriptions on the case, but I think this is because the Blu-Ray box is for pre-existing fans who have already seen the movies. You will want to make sure this is something you really want to buy due to the high price. If you are planning to, buy it while you can, because I don't know how many copies Aniplex has left in stock!