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Removed Items FAQ

I noticed Erotica products were no longer offered on Right Stuf?

As part of our new Right Stuf + Crunchyroll unification we will be phasing out the Erotica genre content and product. New orders for these items will not be accepted, and they have been removed from RightStufAnime.com.

How do I know if the items I ordered were considered Erotica?

If you log into your RightStufAnime account, items which were considered will no longer have an image. You'll also get a notification from us for open orders.

I had an open order for Erotica products. What happens now?

Don't panic! We've got you covered!

Your existing orders will be honored, and there is a place to continue to order these items going forward!

All unshipped open orders and preorders for erotica genre products will be transferred to Buyanime.com, who will be responsible for their shipment to you.

So what happens with my order?

  • • If your open order or preorder was for erotic content only, the order will be transferred in whole to Buyanime.com.
  • • If your order was a mix of erotic content and non-erotic content, the non-erotic content will be fulfilled by RightStufAnime, and the erotic content will be fulfilled by Buyanime.com. This means your order will ship from multiple warehouses and you will receive tracking information from both parties.

These orders are in the process of being transferred to Buyanime.com, which may take a couple of weeks. We appreciate your patience as we complete this transition. The following information will be moving to Buyanime.com with your order:

  • Erotic Items on your order, with Quantity
  • Bill To Name and Address
  • Ship To Name and Address
  • Email (which you will use to log on to Buyanime.com's site using password recovery)
  • Phone number (if provided)

Note: As we cannot provide your credit card information directly, Buyanime.com will be reaching out to you to reconfirm your payment information to update your order for future shipment. Your order is guaranteed as long as you link your card to the order – you won't lose your place in line or your preorder reservation.

If you paid by Paypal or Sezzle, your prepayment is also being transferred to Buyanime.com, and no further action is required of you, other than to wait for your purchase to be shipped! If you had Route on your order, we will work with Route to maintain your coverage.

buyanime.com will carry the full line of the erotica content and you can look to them for current and future releases.

How long will it take buyanime.com to fulfill my order?

Preorders will continue to be filled when the products become available. We expect Buyanime.com will be able to begin fulfillment of open orders transferred to them within about two to three weeks. Make sure to update the order payment if necessary so your order is not delayed!

I'm worried I will lose out on a figure that is a preorder. What do I do?

All orders which you placed with us will be transferred to Buyanime.com, and their corresponding purchase orders with the manufacturer will also be transferred. If you placed your figure order with us, it will be moved to Buyanime.com and you will be guaranteed to receive it as long as you update your payment information if the order wasn't prepaid.

I don't want my Erotic items any more. How do I cancel them?

As these orders have all been transferred to Buyanime.com, please contact them and they will be able to assist you with any cancellations.

Will anything change on my open order?

Buyanime.com will contact you if there are any issues with your order. Nothing will change, the order will be transferred exactly as it was entered when you placed it at the same price and same value. As mentioned above, if you have non-Erotica items on your order, Right Stuf will still fill those items.

Where will my order end up coming from?

buyanime.com is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and your order will be shipped from their warehouse there. They can ship products worldwide.

Will I be charged a different shipping rate now that Right Stuf Anime is not fulfilling my order?

Existing orders will be transferred exactly as they were placed and there will be no changes to any shipping costs. For future orders, shipping rates will be shown when you check out on the Buyanime.com website.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Please contact Buyanime.com for changes to your order and they will be happy to get this updated for you. Visit their website for contact information.

What if I need to return or exchange my Erotica item?

Please contact Buyanime.com for assistance.

Additional information about these orders is available here.