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Yuzu the Pet Vet Manga Volume 1 Review

Yuzu the Pet Vet Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jocelyn

Yuzu the Pet Vet is the cutest yet most emotional roller coaster of a book I’ve read this year!”

In volume 1 creator Mingo Ito does a lovely job telling four chapters, which feels like four episodes. These four chapters all revolve around a young girl named Yuzu. Yuzu has had a rough childhood with losing her father at a young age and her mother recently falling ill. She finds herself now living with her Uncle Akihito who runs a Veterinary Hospital. Although at first Yuzu is scared of animals, she’s asked to help her Uncle and care for some of the dogs and cats that come to the clinic. A lot of this book hit home with me as I’ve always had a soft spot for animals.

“The small bits of comedy kept a smile upon my face in between the heartfelt moments that brought tears to my eyes.”

Each chapter contains a special story that Yuzu uses to better herself. She makes the best of each moment and helps to bring pets and their owners together. In volume 1, there is not much story building or overall character development with Yuzu. I found myself more easily connected to each chapter’s “mini-story” and the animals than the main character or overall plot.

“The art is fluid and smooth.”

I adore how Mingo Ito draws and designs all of the animals. However, the panels could have been better organized. Pages quickly became overflowing with speech bubbles and panels while some pages lay nearly empty sometimes causing a slightly disruptive read. There are times characters feel stiff and emotionless compared to moments of drama and distress, which captures the character’s emotions more fluently. Side notes from the creator and characters on random pages were a unique and fun touch, but became increasingly distracted while neck deep into a story.

Overall, I would recommend this book to animal lovers and readers looking for a dramatic and heart-filling story. I would also recommend books such as Chi’s Sweet Home,Sweetness & Lightning, as well as Yotsuba!

Yuzu the Pet Vet is a unique hidden gem, and I’m looking forward to reading the next volume!

Yuzu the Pet Vet Manga Volume 1

Yuzu is only 11 years old, but she’s got a lot on her plate. When her mom gets sick, Yuzu goes to live with her Uncle Akihito, who runs the local animal hospital. She’s super scared of animals, but she’ll do her best to help out! Through many tough moments, like her mother’s illness and standing up to bullies, Yuzu learns big lessons about what it means to care. And with some help from her animal pals, friends, and kind grown-ups, Yuzu’s ready to take on the day!

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