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Your Turn to Die Majority Vote Death Game Manga 1 Review

Your Turn to Die Majority Vote Death Game Manga 1 Review

-Written by: Devlen & Chris S.

Devlen's Review

Imagine waking up in a small room and you're strapped to a bed with your friend lying next to you in the same situation. What do you do? Scream for help? Question how you got there? Or do you figure out a way to escape? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you just might survive the deadly game in Your Turn to Die. As a fan of the Saw and Final Destination films, this manga caught my eye and thankfully didn’t take it.

Your Turn to Die is a pretty interesting manga that forces its characters to solve unique puzzles to progress further in the horror game, but it comes with a twist. The story follows Sara Chidouin, a female highschool student who has a faint feeling that she is being stalked by an unknown figure. With her, in this messed up game, is her reliable friend, Joe Tazuna, who is the most selfless person she has ever known. Somehow, the pair find themselves strapped to a spring-loaded bed and they have to figure out a way to escape before the bed folds in half and they turn into a human taco. With quick thinking and perseverance, Joe is able to solve the game before the bed springs shut. They are rounded up with other survivors of the first game to tackle their next challenge: assembling a life-sized doll before the timer ends.

This manga has some interesting gimmicks that Saw has fashioned into their films, or has some remnants of their puzzles. One game I thought was really interesting was the Russian Roulette game. Since I’ve recently read Doubt, I felt like this manga’s first volume didn’t lock my attention in a room and force me to find an escape. I love the horror genre and enjoy all things creepy and gory, especially all the unique puzzles they have to solve by risking their lives for a hunch at the solution. But the first volume didn’t satisfy my bloodlust like other series have, so I hope the next one increases the danger and creates some new deadly puzzles!

Chris S.'s Review

When I first read the synopsis for Your Turn to Die: Majority Vote Death Game, my first thought was that it sounded like a cross between the Saw movies and Battle Royale. After reading the manga I’d say that’s an accurate description.

Our story focuses on a girl named Sara and her friend, Joe, who get kidnapped and forced into a deadly game along with several other contestants. Their very first game is very Saw-esque as they are each restrained to a table with only one key. They must choose who can escape by the time the clock runs out and the tables collapse inward to crush them. SPOILER ALERT: They both escape.

From the very beginning, I knew this series was going to be very predictable. All of the signs are there that Sara and Joe, who are “just friends,” will ultimately express their feelings for each other. I know they will come across situations where they must either save themselves or sacrifice themselves for the one they love. Most likely, they will be the final two, a la The Hunger Games. I’ve seen this kind of story several times. I could be wrong, but come back after the series wraps up to see if I was correct.

If you’d like to get ahead with the story, you could just play the game instead. Little did I know before reading this manga that it is actually based on the free online game “Kimi ga Shine ―Tasūketsu Desu Gēmu” by Nankidai. After reading this first volume, I watched part of the walkthrough on YouTube, and so far the manga follows the same story.

This manga was pretty underwhelming for what I expected. For a story where each game is a matter of life and death, Your Turn to Die seems a little too tame for my liking. In a game of Russian Roulette with the human contestants and dummies, the puzzle seemed way too simple. Of course, this being the first volume, the tests will hopefully get more challenging.

In addition, I could not sympathise with the characters. Though they are facing certain death, many of them seem way too carefree and even attempt to make lighthearted jokes. A young girl, who I should worry about, is dressed in an animal costume and repeatedly makes cat and dog sounds and puns even though her sister was one of the first to die. Even the person who bites the dust near the end of the volume comes across as a goofball and a crazy person who the others suspect as one of their captors. I guess that’s why they vote for him to die in their first elimination round.

Needless to say, I was not a fan of this manga. The art did not deliver on what I thought would be full of gore and graphic images. I will say that it looks better than the illustrations in the free online game though. Perhaps I might give the game a try in hopes that it might get me more invested, but at this point it isn’t a high priority.

Your Turn to Die Majority Vote Death Game Manga 1

Sara Chidouin has been getting harassed by a mysterious stalker lately, so her concerned friend Joe Tazuna decides to walk her home. But once they arrive, the two of are attacked by someone and black out. When they come to, they find that they've been restrained to some tables in a strange room...

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