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Wonderland Volume 1 Manga Review

Wonderland Volume 1 Manga Review

-Written by: Chris

Wonderland starts right off the bat with our main character, Yukko, and the people around her getting shrunk down and immediately seeing the dangers of being just a few inches tall. Being dropped in like this is how I like to have stories told so you can learn with the main characters and not have conversations feel forced in order to explain the plot. I also like how some of the biggest dangers presented are things that wouldn't stand out like how much more difficult using our phones and communication devices would be. As well as how many animals we live near every day would become extremely dangerous.

The main issue of this first volume is how many of the problems it tries to push at once. They made an interesting and terrifying world and, rather than try to build the characters up, they try to show you all the dangers in just one volume. For those who are looking to pick it up it is not for the squeamish. It's pretty violent right away, and I don't think that's likely to change going forward.

Overall I'm pretty mixed on this one. If volume 2 picks a line and we can follow and develop these characters it could be very interesting, but what I'm left with after volume 1 feels like a teaser where they tried to give you everything that could happen. I'll probably read a second volume, but if I feel the same way coming out of that one I don't think I would trust the series going forward.

Wonderland Manga Volume 1

Teenage girl Yukko awakens to find that she has shrunken in size–but this is no rabbit hole or fairy tale–this is real life! In a desperate and bloody struggle to stay alive, while fleeing giant predators and other twisted dangers, Yukko learns that she is not the only person who has turned tiny. Can she survive long enough to learn the truth behind her curious transformation?

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