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Voices Of A Distant Star Manga Review

Voices Of A Distant Star Manga Review

-Written by: Jocelyn

If you enjoyed the movie “Voices of a Distant Star” then I would highly recommend this manga. If you haven’t seen the movie yet then here’s your chance to read this amazing story from the same creator of “Your Name.”, Makoto Shinkai. He does a wonderful job with this heart-warming story that spans across the universe and no matter the distance you can’t put a measure on love. The manga ties in a whole new depth to the story and we even get to see a few extra “scenes” while it still covers everything from the movie. But just like the movie abruptly ending so does the manga and it’ll leave you wanting more but it’s still a wonderful creation from one of my favorite authors. This will be a great addition to anyone’s Makoto Shinkai collection.

Voices Of A Distant Star Manga

Voices of a Distant Star features story and art by Makoto Shinkai in this adaptation of his 2003 animated film.

Mikako Nagamine is recruited as a pilot to fight in the interstellar war against a force of alien invaders, leaving behind her one true love. Mikako’s only connection to Noboru Terao, who continues living the life of an ordinary student, is through cell phone text messages. As Mikako travels light years away, it takes longer and longer for Noboru to receive her messages, until finally one arrives eight years and seven months after she sent it…

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