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Vampire Dormitory Manga Volume 1 Review

Vampire Dormitory Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Quinn

Vampire Dormitory first caught my attention because of its girl-dressing-as-guy-is-mistaken-for-a-guy shtick which reminded me of the enjoyable hijinks in Ouran High School Host Club and Aoharu X Machinegun; both of which I adore. So after finishing Volume 1 of Vampire Dormitory, I can attest that it’s a fun read, but I do wish it had just a bit more bite to it…so to speak.

Ruka (left) tries to help Mito (right) change their clothes."(Vampire Dormitory Manga Volume 1, Ch. 2).

The story begins with Mito, who is an unloved teenager living on the streets, but she’s still such a beauty that the world just won’t leave her alone! While disguised as a boy for safety Mito’s gained the attention of stalkers, crazy fangirls and, eventually, a handsome vampire named Ruka who’s intent on making Mito’s blood taste sweeter because he can’t stand to feed on girls(Well, real-life girls anyway, but Ruka will be outed about that particular preference in due time)! Needless to say, Ruka is a thirsty vampire who‘s been on the hunt for a guy whose blood he can stomach, and Mito is that rare “male” thrall he’s been looking for… which makes things complicated for Mito, you know, since she’s a girl.

If the plot sounds a bit shallow… well… it is. However, I sometimes think it’s nice to enjoy a fun, quirky romance where you’re not required to exert much brainpower. Usually, I like to spend time with the characters, get to know them, and watch them grow as the plot advances, but author Ema Toyama pushes things along at a fast clip. Which can be a good thing when a reader is really just after those juicier bits which contain awkward blushing and intimate neck biting. Still, when I compare Vampire Dormitory to OHSH and Aoharu… I am somewhat disappointed with how fast our main duo/couple become best buddies/are attracted to each other without too much build-up. Their surrounding group of friends also feels a bit thrown in at this point, and I’m not sure who’s there to fill what role, but that’s likely to get fleshed out in future volumes.

Ruka (left) argues with Ren (right) (Vampire Dormitory, Ch. 3).

I also need to mention Ren who is out to thwart Ruka’s bloodthirsty plans. Ren has apparently been keeping an eye on Ruka’s activities for a long time, and when it comes to Mito’s willingness to be Ruka’s thrall Ren is there to save her from the predicament she’s gotten herself into… whether she likes it or not! While I’m not exactly sure about Ren’s past and how it intertwines with Ruka’s, future volumes hint that things will get more interesting.

Overall there’s a lot of set-up crammed into this first volume of Vampire Dormitory. Things move right along at a brisk pace, so I do hope the story’s pacing slows down a bit once everyone gets settled into their roles. So while I’m not as en-thrall-ed as I wanted to be with the story - see what I did there? – Vampire Dormitory does prove interesting enough that I’ll bite and pick up its next volume.

Vampire Dormitory Manga Volume 1

The Vampire Dormitory manga volume 1 features story and art by Ema Toyama.

Mito has no family to rely on. She lives on the streets, disguised as a boy. Ruka is an otaku vampire interested only in 2D girls. After Ruka saves Mito from a perilous situation, he makes her an offer: “Become my subservient thrall and let me drink your blood whenever I wish! In return, you can live with me—in the boys’ dorm!” But to stay with him, Mito must hide the fact that she’s a girl. Every day is a new danger—to say nothing of that bloodthirsty vampire!

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