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A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow Manga Volume 1 Review

A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: SJ

Getting into Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow was extremely easy for me. I really enjoy the wholesome cover and art style, which is very soft, warm, and clean. I didn’t read the summary beforehand; I already knew this was the type of manga I would be into because I enjoy shoujo styles. What I didn’t know was how relatable this would be. The concept of loneliness, which the two protagonists seem to hide, stood out a lot to me since my father was in the navy. You move around so often in the navy that loneliness is inevitably what you have to deal with.

The story follows the main character Konatsu Amano who is new to Iyo Nagahama and Nanahama High. She is traveling and living by herself because her father works overseas. It is hinted from the beginning that she is lonely, although she doesn’t seem to tell her father that during phone calls when he checks up on her. She eventually passes her soon-to-be high school where there’s an aquarium that’s open to the public. This is where we meet main character number two, Koyuki Honami.

Koyuki Honami is kind, popular, and perfect to the eyes of everyone else. Her father is a teacher at the school, which is the reason she sticks to the rules. Because everyone puts her on a pedestal, no one really knows the true Koyuki. To Koyuki, Konatsu is someone that understands her and doesn’t put her on the pedestal where she feels the loneliest.

The rest of the volume shows what they individually struggle with and the struggles that bring them together. The loneliness that they both share starts to be noticed by the other and is a comfort as well. A lot of the scenes are very cute and funny. What is really adorable is that the aquarium is what links themselves together! Every time they interact I felt like screaming because they are both equally awkward and cute, and I found myself excited to see the next time they would interact. I really enjoyed seeing more from Koyuki. One of Koyuki’s more adorable scenes, is when Koyuki talks to the salamander to convey her thoughts and in the end, she finds herself being interrupted by Konatsu, which makes Koyuki blush.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and will definitely pick up the rest of the series. Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow likely won’t make you cry, but it does make you feel for the characters. I do believe it has the potential to do this later on if they delve a bit more into both of the main character's back story. The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, but the bonus content was a nice touch. You learn about the author and the origin and inspirations of the story! The only downside to this manga is that I felt it was a bit short. I’m not entirely sure if this feeling was due to the fact that I was extremely engulfed in the plot or if the manga was in fact short. I would definitely give this manga a read if you enjoy the art style and loads of wholesome material! It will not disappoint!

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Manga Volume 1

Konatsu is about to start a new school in a new town, and she’s basically all on her own. Her dad just got a job overseas, and her aunt can only check in from time to time. It’s a lot for a shy, reserved girl to handle. But on one of the first days of class, she discovers that the school has an aquarium! The club that runs the aquarium is headed by an older student named Koyuki, and Konatsu is instantly drawn to her. Konatsu’s introverted tendencies are hard to overcome, but maybe she’s found something worth coming out of her shell for?

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