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Top Anime Ships

Top Anime Ships

-Written by: Will

Oh, ships. Love them, hate them, they’ll never go away. People just can’t stop making them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard-core space opera or a fun children’s show, ships are alway there. They spark heavy debate among the fandom. Everyone has their favorite ships, cannon or not be damned. Now it is finally time to put these debates to rest. Here are the Top 10 Anime Ships.

The murder happens on this cruise ship. From Case Closed episode 23, "Smooth Sailing (Part 1)."

10. Hatamoto Family Cruise Ship (Case Closed)

The memorable Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case took place aboard this cruise ship. This was a bunch of firsts for the show: The first on a boat, the first two-parter, and the first SPOILERS. It’s a memorable case for the young detective and one you should all watch (the original or remastered).

A party turns into a fight for the world on this cruise ship. From Dragon Ball Super episode 10, "Show Us, Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan God!"

9. Princess Bulma (Dragon Ball Super)

To the naked eye, this may look like any other cruise liner. However, this one is owned by Bulma, so it must be the best. Not to mention it was also the ship where Beerus almost destroyed the world! Good thing Beerus needed a cat nap or the world would’ve been toast.

This seemingly fun cruise is actually a Team Rocket trap. From Pokémon episode 15, "Battle Aboard the St. Anne."

8. St. Anne (Pokémon)

Fans of the games might remember the SS Anne, but the St. Anne is what the ship is called in the anime. Ash and the trio were ecstatic to get free tickets for a cruise. Little did they know that it was a trap set by Team Rocket to steal everyone’s Pokemon! While there are lots of cool fights, it was Butterfree that stole the show. Ash is an idiot, but trading Butterfree may be the most idiotic decision ever.

After Ponyo uses her magic to make the toy boat bigger, they use it sail to safety. From the movie Ponyo.

7. Sosuke’s Toy Boat (Ponyo)

When Sosuke and Ponyo find the land around their house is covered by water, they must find a way to leave their house in order to survive. Good thing Sosuke has a pop-pop boat and Ponyo has magic powers. With a swish and flick, the toy boat becomes life size. If this was a Top Ten Cutest Ships list, this would be number one.

In the climatic battle, the Nautilus rises from the seas and into the air. From Nadia episode 37, "Emperor Neo"

6. Nautilus (Nadia)

The most powerful warship in the Atlantean fleet lay dormant for over 12,000 years until it was reawakened by Captain Nemo and his Nautilus Crew. It was used in the climactic final battle of the show in epic fashion. It helped cap off an excellent series and is a ship worthy of this list.

What is it with anime and cruise ships? From Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues (a Kaiji spin-off) episode 6, "Self-Destruct"

5. Espoir (Kaiji)

Deep in debt, Kaiji was forced onto this luxury cruise ship. On board, Kaiji has to pay off the debt in high stakes games of rock-paper-scissors. If he fails, he’ll be taken to a room where… well, we don’t see what happens, but we do hear the blood-curdling screams. The name of the ship is the French word for hope, and these games are Kaiji’s last hope for survival.

The design of the Arcadia has changed over the years, but it never forgets its piracy roots. From Captain Harlock

4. Arcadia (Captain Harlock)

When people think of Captain Harlock, they think of this ship. Arcadia is a word for a type of utopia. It signifies Harlock’s quest for freedom from Earth and his enemies. A mix of sci-fi and fantasy, the Arcadia may be the most formidable ship on this list.

The White Base tries to survive a heated battle against the Zeon forces. From the Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy

3. White Base (Mobile Suit Gundam)

This ship holds many meanings in the Mobile Suit Gundam series. It was meant to carry the newly-created Gundam mobile suit, but it became a savior for refugees of Side 7. As the crew gained victories against the enemy Zeon forces, it became a beacon of hope for the entire Earth Federation. For fans of Gundam, it has become as iconic as the mechas themselves.

The ship was designed by Merry and givne to the pirates at the end of the Syrup Village arc. From One Piece episode 17, "Completely Infuriated! Kuro vs. Luffy, Final Battle!"

2. Going Merry (One Piece)

Can ships have souls? After watching One Piece, the answer is obviously yes. The first Straw Hats pirate ship is also the best. It crossed into the Grand Line, sailed through the sky, and was always there for its crew in times of need. There’s a reason it appears so high on so many One Piece character fan polls.

After laying dormant, the Yamato sails once again. From Space Battleship Yamato 2199 episode 3, "Escape From the Jupiter Sphere"

1. Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato)

We can’t think of a more important ship in anime history. It’s part of a famous and highly influential anime and holds great meaning to Japanese audiences. Yamato is a name given to the people from Japan. So when people say “The Yamato is hit!” or “The fate of humanity lies with the Yamato!” they’re really talking about Japan. Giving the ship the Wave Motion Gun also has its deep nuclear connotations. You can see its design honored in Captain Harlock, Nadia, and many other anime. Truly the #1 ship in all of anime.

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