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Top Anime Of The '10s

Top Anime Of The '10s

-Written by: Jocelyn

Growing larger than ever before with the addition of streaming services, the anime industry continues to introduce new anime and manga every season! Hold onto your screen because with this article we are bringing you the top 10 anime from the 2010s!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - 2013

Dive into the present with one of the most recognizable sports anime that has made waves in the past decade – Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. You’ll be thrown into a childhood rivalry alongside a teenager’s passion for water as Free! turns the tide with its new upcoming 3rd season airing this summer! It’s sure to make a splash so go ahead and jump on in - the water’s great!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Season 1 contains episodes 1-12, along with several OVA episodes!

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Your Lie in April - 2014

Find a heart-touching story with drama and music in Your Lie in April. Arima has lost interest in playing the piano after his mother passed away, but after meeting a young violinist named Kaori his passion for the piano is rekindled along with a new insight on love through music.

Contains episodes 1-11 plus the original soundtrack CD vol. 1 by Masaru Yokoyama, collectible post cards.

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World’s Greatest First Love - 2011

From the creators of Junjo Romantica comes one of the best ‘boy love’ anime from the past decade – World’s Greatest First Love! You’ll be swept off your feet in this dramatic romance that follows a manga editor and his boss. It’s hard to focus on work when they only have each other in their sights!

World's Greatest First Love contains episodes 1-12 of Season 1 and episodes 13-24 of Season 2 plus OVA's.

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Tokyo Ghoul – 2014

Tokyo Ghoul will take you to a whole new level of horror and action when lone book nerd, Ken Kaneki, faces a near death tragedy and becomes a human-ghoul hybrid. Can he find a place amongst the humans or will he have to take refuge with the Ghouls?

This Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 collection contains episodes 1-12.

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Your Name - 2016

Your Name was the biggest anime film to hit theaters in 2016. Let the magic of fate and destiny take hold as you switch between the lives of two young individuals with a dramatic spin that’ll leave you speechless. Between the storyline, majestic art, music, and animation this anime deserves to be recognized!

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Attack On Titan – 2013

Follow a horrific story of giant flesh-eating titans and a group of young cadets fighting to protect their city. What other mysteries lie ahead? When Erin faces his darkest hour, can he and his friends survive? What will become of humanity? Risk life and limb with Attack on Titan and the newest season airing now!

Attack on Titan Complete Season 1 contains episodes 1-25

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Yuri!! On ICE – 2016

Make history with one of the most popular anime series in 2016, the story follows a Russian skater, Victor, as he attempts to inspire and coach a young Japanese skater named Yuri. Take part in their journey as they skate their way to victory trying to reach gold and enjoy this fun and uplifting story about figure skating.

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Sword Art Online - 2012

Get your game on! Sword Art Online, also commonly known as SAO, takes video games to a whole new level when players are suddenly unable to logout of a virtual world. The crazed creator of SAO challenged everyone to complete the dungeons and defeat the game, only then would they be able to log out and return to their normal lives. However, there’s one twist.. if you die in the game.. you die in real life!

The mega-hit anime series “Sword Art Online” returns in a complete first season (episodes 1-25) Blu-ray box set which includes Extra Edition!

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Re:ZERO - 2016

Shortly after its first episode aired the Re:Zero phenomenon took off. Stuck in an alternate world and saved by a silver-haired girl named Emilia, Subaru finds himself in her debt. He soon meets Rem and Ram, two twin maids, and quickly discovers a new unknown power. Everything can change in the blink of an eye so take the time to go on an adventure with Rem, Ram, Emilia and Subaru!

Re:ZERO ~Starting Life in Another World~ Season 1 Part 1 contains episodes 1-12 of the anime series directed by Masaharu Watanabe.

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My Hero Academia – 2016

Definitely the most popular and most recognizable anime by far – My Hero Academia follows Midoriya, a young boy who’s always wanted to become a hero, but without having any powers of his own, it’s near impossible. After meeting his superhero idol and proving he has what it takes he is granted the strongest power of all. Follow a story that shows if you train hard enough you too can become a hero!

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