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Top 5 Anime Couples

Top 5 Anime Couples

-Written by: Jake

It’s that time of year again… with all the love in the air, we’re taking a look back at some anime couples throughout the years. Let’s get started!

Inuyasha and Kagome
Series: Inuyasha

What can you say about them? They’ve been through a ton together and both care for each other very deeply. Though, that’s not gonna stop Kagome from letting an occasional “Sit!” slip to keep Inuyasha in check. From petty arguments to near-death experiences with the likes of Naraku, Inuyasha and Kagome always see it through. Watching their relationship blossom throughout the series is also a treat!

Kirito and Asuna
Series: Sword Art Online

Who said video games were bad for you? Kirito and Asuna first meet in the world of Sword Art Online, the first ever VRMMORPG and, over time, grew to love each other dearly. Their love for each other was so intense that they would throw their life away to save the other. For example, during the Aincrad Arc, on the 75th Floor, they prepared themselves for an upcoming boss fight. Kirito asks Asuna to not participate for her safety. In reply, Asuna responds that if Kirito doesn’t come back, she will commit suicide. That-is-one- very serious relationship!

Eureka and Renton
Series: Eureka Seven

In a series of unfortunate events, Eureka came crashing through Renton’s Grandfathers garage. It was love at first sight for Renton as Eureka was the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes on. Immediately after, Renton proceeds to confess his love for her. At first, Eureka didn’t understand the concept of “love” and didn’t respond to his feelings. Though, as the series progressed, she gradually opens up to Renton and begins to understand what it means to care for someone else.

Lawrence and Holo
Series: Spice and Wolf

Who knew a wolf deity and a traveling merchant would make a fantastic couple? Holo and Lawrence shared many experiences throughout their journey. Lawrence taught the ways of business to Holo, and Holo shared her insight as the Wise Wolf. Both witty and flirtatious, she could turn any deal into their favor. Though, at times, Lawrence would get jealous when she flirted with other men; the same can be said of Holo when Lawrence spoke with women. If prompted to, Holo will revert to her wolf form to protect the one she loves most. A truly happy couple.

Kaito and Ichika
Series: Waiting in The Summer

Lastly, we’ll be covering Kaito and Ichika from Waiting in the Summer. Ichika first meets Kaito by, well, crashing her spaceship into the earth and injuring Kaito in the process. A great way to meet the girl you love, right? Ichika, at first, had issues revealing to others that she was an alien and preferred to keep her distance from others, albeit still developing feelings for Kaito. With much persistence from Kanna, a close friend of theirs, they finally became a couple as Ichika soon realized, as long as she kept her secret, she could never be happy and true to her feelings. People say Waiting in the Summer has a connection to the “Please” Series... but we’ll leave that up to you to decide!

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