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Top 10 Queer Couples

Top 10 Queer Couples

-Written by: Krystal

With Pride in full swing, it’s time for us to highlight our favorite queer anime couples. We did have to make a couple of stipulations to this list. All the couples have to actually be together. No queerbaiting, shipping or leaving it up to context clues. With that being said, we sadly had to cut out two of our favorite couples(?), Yuri and Victor from Yuri!!! On Ice and Ymir and Historia from Attack on Titan. With that being said, check out our list of favorite queer anime couples!

10. Adachi and Shimamura - Adachi and Shimamura

A love story that begins with ping-pong is destined to be a good one. Adachi and Shimamura meet when both teens decide to skip class and pass time in the school gym. The girls become fast friends and Adachi starts to get feelings for Shimamura that are stronger than mere friendship. The story is a typical first love high school romance filled with sweet touches and awkward moments.

Comments from a fan: Adachi and Shimamura is a slow burner that captures the excitement and variety of emotions that come with falling in love and figuring out who you are. Adachi is nervous, excited, and such an awkward mess that I spent half of the anime cringing about my high school self. It’s important to feel seen in the media, but it’s not everyday you also feel called out (in a good way!). - Olivia

9. Shion and Nezumi - No. 6

Shion and Nezumi’s love story starts when the boys are both 12. Nezumi had just escaped from prison and Shion helped care for him when the former broke into his home. The two formed an instant bond and four years later when Shion is sent to the same prison Nezumi previously escaped from, he rescues Shion. The two share some very intimate moments, such as when Nezumi teaches Shion how to dance the waltz and the “goodnight kiss” they shared. The two are very protective of each other and are willing to make sacrifices for the other.

8. Takato and Junta - Dakaichi

Takato and Junta are both actors. Takato is a veteran actor, having worked since childhood. Junta is a newcomer who is quickly gaining popularity, making Takato feel threatened for the first time. Junta, on the other hand, admires Takato. They eventually form a passionate relationship, Takato even stating that he has never felt love from another person before he met Junta. The two are very supportive of one another’s career and make a great partnership.

Comments from a fan: For the first couple of episodes it’s hard to deny that the subtitle of Dakaichi – I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year– is probably pretty accurate. So maybe Junta does come off as a bit overly attached and obsessive in the beginning, but by the end of Dakaichi you realize just how much he cares for the overly stern, and hard to approach, Takato. Over the course of events their relationship matures, especially when the two are forced to work together on the same movie set, and the duo learn how to keep their personalities from clashing. It’s here that Takato finds himself starting to fall for Junta – who earns the pet-name Chunta – even though Takato rigorously denies his feelings. Later on Junta goes out of his way to protect Takato's reputation when a paparazzi snaps a picture of the two of them together, and it’s only after the drama dies down that Takato finally acknowledges just how much he cares for that “Stupid Angel” Junta. They’re the sweetest forever-bickering couple and if you’re put off by the title, I’d say to at least give Dakaichi a chance! - Quinn

7. Ushio and Sumika - Whispered Words

Most people have experienced having a crush on one of their friends. Whether you act on it or not, it can be very confusing and add that with being an insecure teenager, it’s bound to cause a few problems. Sumika realizes she has a crush on her best friend, but doubts she feels the same because she is not “small and cute” like Ushio prefers. Sumika at first tries to change for her but becomes unhappy and decides to pursue what she loves instead of trying to be someone she’s not. Soon Ushio develops feelings for her as well, proving that if someone truly loves you, they won’t care if you aren’t their “type”.

6. Mafuyu and Ritsuka - Given

While Given mainly focuses on Mafuyu and Ritsuka’s love story, there is also an underlying story of grief. Mafuyu tries to cope with his loss by learning the guitar with the help of Ritsuka. The more they work together, the more Ritsuka realizes that Mafuyu is a talented singer and invites him to join his band. The two become closer and eventually start dating. Their relationship is one built on solid communication and trust, that makes their relationship feel so real.

Comments from a fan: As you might have guessed from our podcast episode covering our thoughts on the Given movie, we can’t get enough of the series! So it’s not a huge surprise that Mafuyu and Ritsuka made our list. From the first episode, you could tell that these guys had something that the other was missing. For Mafuyu, he was missing his voice and a way to express himself. On the other hand, Ritsuka was missing inspiration and passion for music. With small interactions to intertwine their lives, they were able to help each other find what they were missing and grow better as musicians and people. After they were pointed on the right track to obtain what they were missing, they did realize that they had someone next to them on their journey. Their love story is one that nestled into our hearts and why they earned a spot on this list. - Devlen

5. Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou - Classmates

Classmates is a coming-of-age romance that blossoms from an unlikely friendship between two high school students. Kusakabe is a musical genius who notices Sajou struggling to read the music lyrics written on the blackboard during choir. He offers to tutor Sajou outside of class and soon a romantic relationship develops. The couple’s relationship is a very innocent first love type story that anyone, queer or not, can releate to.

Comments from a fan: I’ve seen the movie, Classmates, at least 5 times over the past couple of years. Each time I watch it, I fall in love all over again with the characters, the unique watercolor-styled art, and the realistic coming of age story. Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou have incredible chemistry and true genuine love. Watching their relationship blossom while overcoming hardships together would bring tears to my eyes. They may be polar opposites (the extrovert and the introvert - the delinquent and the straight A Student) but that is what makes their relationship truly special, to be able to complete what the other lacks. To me they are the best queer anime couple, the fact that they’re bestfriends while being lovers, is what strikes me as the best combo for a strong and lasting relationship. - Jennifer

4. Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami - Bloom Into You

Yuu and Touko’s relationship is one of discovery and acceptance. Touko had been asked out by people in the past, but always turned them down because she didn’t feel her heart race when they asked. This changes when she starts to get closer to Yuu, even though she doesn’t realize it at first. Bloom Into You plays out like a standard love story, but with the one addition that the characters also discover that they are both attracted to women. As the women fall more in love with each other, they also accept that it’s okay for them to be attracted and want to be with women. It’s a very realistic and natural progression into discovering one’s queerness.

Comments from a fan: As someone who also made the mistake of using shojo manga as a benchmark for how romance was supposed to work, I couldn’t help but relate to Yuu as tried to figure out the whole love thing. Bloom Into You isn’t a whirlwind romance filled with miscommunication and petty drama. It’s a little slower, the character’s problems feel real, and communication is open and honest. It’s easy to become invested in Touko and Yuu as individuals as well as a couple, which makes their story even more special. -Olivia

3. Yukito and Touya - Cardcaptor Sakura

When Cardcaptor was released in the U.S., it was heavily censored and edited so that any hints of any of the characters being gay were practically erased. Of course, die-hard fans realized something was missing and that was the queerness. One of the best queer couples from the show was Yukito and Touya. In the beginning of the series they were very close best friends that eventually turned into more as the series went on. One of the sweetest scenes was when Yukito admitted to Sakura that he had feelings for her brother Touya. The scene was filled with love and acceptance that viewers can still connect with today.

Comments from a fan: One thing I love about Cardcaptor Sakura is how casual it is with LGBTQ+ identities, especially for a series that is over 20 years old. Although Touya and Yukito aren’t super lovey-dovey, seeing Yukito casually talking to Sakura about the feelings he has for her brother caught me by surprise when I was watching the anime as a kid. It wasn’t a huge coming out scene, it didn’t need to be dramatic, but there was no denying they belonged together. I like subtext and shipping as much as the next person, but I like it when I don’t have to call a couple “basically canon”. - Olivia

2. Utena and Anthy - Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena tackles a lot of issues, such as gender norms, equality and gay love. Utena originally decided to fight for Anthy, not because she loved her or that she wanted to acquire her for personal gain, but because she saw her treatment by society as wrong. Throughout the anime the two become closer and eventually form feelings for each other. Utena brings out a more relaxed version of Anthy that she wasn’t able to explore when she was being fought over as if she was a prize rather than a human being. Their relationship is probably one of the most innocent and natural ones in the series. Neither wishes to control the other and only hopes to allow the other to be happy.

Comments from a fan: A relationship as complex as the anime itself, Anthy and Utena are a couple that have faced a lot of challenges together. Anthy after all is the Rose Bride, a mysterious figure that many desire. People tend to project their desires onto Anthy, which in turn, dehumanizes her. At the end of the day, Utena made a sacrifice to help Anthy and saw Anthy for who she was! - Kelly

1. Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou - Sailor Moon

These two are probably one of the first well known queer couples portrayed in anime, making them the obvious pick for the top of the list. While the original series didn’t say that they were together (the American subbed version even said they were cousins), the creator of Sailor Moon confirmed that they were together whenever asked about it. Haruka and Michiru’s stories are intertwined from the very beginning. In the vision Michiru has that awakens her Sailor Scout powers, she also sees Haruka and awakens her powers as well. From there, they are an unbreakable team of two that are always seen together. Whenever one is in trouble, the other will do anything to help them. For example, when the two get captured in a magical trap, Neptune gets hurt while escaping her cage in order to make sure that Uranus was safe, not caring for her own well being. While it is not said that they are together in the anime, the lingering looks and sweet touches shared between the couple definitely says otherwise. Not to mention Haruka is basically the first non-binary character we’ve seen in anime, making their relationship practically the definition of gay pride.

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