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Top 10 BEST Anime Dads

Top 10 BEST Anime Dads

-Written by: Krystal

In anime, having a bad father is pretty normal. They’re either abusive, deadbeat or they turn their children into dog hybrids (Shou Tucker *cough cough*). But this blog isn’t about the monsters that many characters refer to as “father.” Instead, it’s about the few good ones that support and love their children, and just in time for Father’s Day!

10. Piccolo - Dragon Ball

At this point, it’s been proven that Goku is a HORRIBLE father. Thankfully for his children, they do have a father figure in the form of Piccolo. Unlike Goku, Piccolo was there for Gohan and his family. He trained and cared for Gohan enough to know that he knew what Gohan really wanted to do with his life, and it wasn’t fighting like Goku. He protected Gohan from a powerful blast that ended his life, but saved Gohan’s. He also played the granddad role when babysitting and caring for Pan.

9. Thors - Vinland Saga

Thors gave up everything for his family. He was a powerful warrior who was predicted to be the next chief of the Jomsvikings. He gave that all up to create a more peaceful life for his two children. For a long time he was a violent and ruthless viking, but after the birth of his daughter, his demeanor changed to one more tranquil. He was a wise man who only wished to parent his children and live a life without war. He made the ultimate sacrifice when he saved his son from assassins that resulted in his death.

8. Souta - Poco's Udon World

Souta could have done a lot of things when he found the shapeshifting Poco, but he chose to adopt him. Souta accepts Poco almost immediately and introduces him to so many human activities, like a father teaching his son. The sweet interactions between Souta and Poco are sure to make one’s heart soar. The whole anime revolves around father and son relationships, continuously cutting back to when Souta was young and his relationship with his own father.

7. Naruto - Boruto

Truth be told, Naruto could be on the good fathers’ list or the bad father’s list. While he does often prioritize work over his family (he sent a shadow clone to his daughter’s birthday party instead of going himself), he does try to do better. He doesn’t coddle Boruto and treats him like any other kid in the village. He also tries to be there for important things, like when Himawari gets sick and he took time off to attend Family Day (but birthdays are apparently not considered important so he misses those). He does eventually decide to take some time off to spend more time with his neglected family, so he’s not all bad, just not number one.

6. Akio Furukawa - Clannad

Akio lives for his daughter. Nagisa is his whole life. When he was working as an actor and his wife was working as a high school teacher, Nagisa became very sick. Akio realized what was truly important to him and quit being an actor to be a better father. He is very loving and encouraging to his daughter, especially when it comes to her own acting career. He even steps in and acts as a father figure to Nagisa’s boyfriend, Tomoya. Later in the series when Nagisa has a baby and isn’t able to care for her, Akio steps in and raises his granddaughter until Tomoya is ready to take on the role of father.

5. Ryouji Fujioka - Ouran HighSchool Host Club

Ryouji is basically the definition of a modern antitoxic masculinity father. He is a cross dresser/trans/drag queen (it was 2006 before they knew what to call a man in drag) and is a single father to the non-binary Haruhi (also before nonbinary was a thing, but she basically explains that’s how she identifies in one of the episodes). He is incredibly protective of his daughter and very encouraging. The father-daughter duo have a mutual love for one another and accept each other for who they are.

4. Byakuya Ishigami - Dr Stone

Byakuya literally LIVED for his son. He became an astronaut and lived his dream because Senku believed that he could. When everyone was petrified, he spent the rest of his life trying to leave clues for his son to decode that would help him with his new life. He created a whole village that would help him in his goal of awaking the rest of the world. He also told stories explaining the past and dedicated the last one to Senku, in order to prepare them for Senku’s genius and his return. His complete faith in his son is so pure and heart-wrenching considering he doesn’t know when he might become unpetrified, but he is so sure it’s going to happen. To make it even more heartbreaking, his last thoughts were of his son.

3. Maes Hughes - Fullmetal Alchemist

Maes was always so proud of his family. He always carried at least one photo of his wife or daughter with him at all times and his favorite thing to talk about was his family. Truth be told, most of his scenes are of him gushing about how wonderful his wife and daughter are. While Maes can be serious when he needs to, he was more known for being playful and fatherly to everyone around him. He is incredibly welcoming and treats Edward and Alphonse as if they were his actual sons. His death was probably one of the most devastating, not just to the characters but to the audience as well.

2. Shiro Fujimoto - Blue Exorcist

While some children can act like demons, Shiro Fujimoto raised literal demons. When Fujimoto was sent to kill Satan’s children, he wasn’t expecting the innocent babies that were Rin and Yukio. Instead of killing them, he decides to adopt them and lock away Rin’s powers so that he may live as a normal human. He is so incredibly patient with Rin and helps him learn how to control his anger. He believed that while the boys were Satan’s children, that didn’t make them automatically evil. He fought hard to protect his children and when Satan ultimately possessed him to drag Rin to hell, he gained enough control to kill himself in order to protect Rin.

1. Kouhei Inuzuka - Sweetness & Lightning

After losing his wife, Kouhei has to become both mother and father for their daughter, Tsumugi. His primary thoughts consist of Tsumugi’s well-being; if she’s happy or upset, if she’s hungry or satisfied. His main goal is to get to the point where he can make meals that they can enjoy together. Kouhei’s whole life revolves around Tsumugi and making sure that he is a good father (which doesn’t seem hard to do since Tsumugi is so easy going). The relationship between Kouhei and Tsumugi is as sweet as some of their dishes.

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