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The Way Of The Househusband Manga Volume 1 Review

The Way Of The Househusband Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jordon

If you’re after a good time, some giggles, and something light to read, The Way of the Househusband is perfect for you. It is a slice of life style manga about the Immortal Dragon, an ex-Yakuza, and how he spends his days now that he has turned away from the mob and the life of crime. The manga also contrasts with what we typically see because the roles of the sexes are reversed – the husband stays at home while the wife earns a living. There’s no storyline to tell because we simply get to see the characters live their daily lives however. There are several funny moments, such as a scene in which the ex-mobster yells at a rival gang’s members for not helping him pick up items at a bargain bin sale after they chase him into a mall. We see them near tears as he berates them for not holding things he was handing them and how he is disappointed for them not shopping better. We also meet up with an ex-subordinate of the Immortal Dragon, Masa, who constantly shows up questioning why the “Boss” quit his life to be a househusband and wants to learn the ways in order to follow in his footsteps. All in all, he treats his husbandly duties and house work as if they were assignments from the mob overlord, but in reality, it is just his wife. There is also an incident with the Roomba, but I’ll leave that for your eyes to discover.

I enjoyed this manga because there wasn’t much of a storyline. We, as readers, get to enjoy being a fly on the wall as we watch an ex-Yakuza member go about his now ‘normal’ daily routine and life. This is something that I enjoy because I like seeing how other people live, and, in this instance, what could be more humorous than watching a mobster treat everyday household chores as if they were “assignments from the boss?” As a bonus, there are also a couple mini-stories of random characters (the Immortal Dragon’s family cat, and Masa’s first attempt at being a “househusband.”)

No storyline means no plot twists, cliffhangers, or anything that normally plagues readers. Something simple, light-hearted, and full of non-stop giggles and laughs as we watch this man carry out his ‘assignments’. I definitely will be looking out for #2 to continue this comedic adventure.

The Way Of The Househusband Manga Volume 1

A former yakuza legend leaves it all behind to become your everyday househusband. But it’s not easy to walk away from the gangster life, and what should be mundane household tasks are anything but!

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