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The Bride Was A Boy Review

The Bride Was A Boy Review

-Written by: Jenny Lau

I expected a typical story plot, a man explores his gender and transition into a woman with ups and downs along the way. I assumed to read about her moments of dealing with disapproving family members, or how she musters up the courage to tell her partner her true feelings. All those assumptions disappeared as I began to find this manga is more than meets the eye!

The story is taken through the eyes of an adorable woman, who was born a man. She explains through each chapter how she fully transitioned into a female and marries the man of her dreams! As the story continues, she reveals from her childhood that she began exploring what it meant to be male and female. She felt as though she was trapped inside a man’s body and was pressured to act like a man, talk like man, and think like a man based on society’s perceptions of a man. She recalls she had strong sexual feelings towards males than females and began to worry about how her family would perceive her or even worse, disown her.

She finally manages to find strength to come out to her family. The author depicts this brilliantly by drawing the mother and daughter reactions with humor and wit. During this scene, the author portrayed this mom and daughter relationship as a learning and loving experience. I could see from the illustrations how both sides responded to the son’s decision to transform into a woman. I gathered from the scenes it was important to understand the decision not only impacted one person but also everyone they were connected too. Yes, in real life coming out is never an easy thing. Quite honestly, I think that her parents took it rather well than expected. As I continued into the story, I took away a few more things from this manga.

Fun and interesting facts on words such LGBT, Gender Identity Disorder, and the Rainbow flag were also entwined in the story. Today, we hear so many things about LGBT, Gay Rights etc that we really don’t understand the foundation of those words and what it could mean to those individuals. In the chapters, the main character takes the reader on a pit stop to explore a new word and clarifies any misconceptions or beliefs around it. And you may wonder which words and phrases are explored. Do the words sexual minorities or “Seku Mai” as the Japanese would say sound familiar? Well, it was something I didn’t know but now I am fully aware!

But most importantly, I have better understanding on the word, transition. The manga dives deeper on topics such as transgender surgery and the Japanese laws on transgender. All I can say is that Gender Transition is a hot mess under Japanese Laws and it brought a new light to my eyes on the challenges this community has to face.

And one final note, this manga is that is meant for everyone, I literally mean everyone can enjoy this manga! Whether you are straight, bisexual, pansexual, or LGBT, you will benefit from this manga. My views on LGBT, Gay Rights, and Sexuality are elevated to a better understanding of Self Identity and the needed activism for the LGBT community!

The Bride Was a Boy Manga

Drawn in the style of diary comics with an upbeat, adorable flair, this is a charming tale about Chii, a woman assigned male at birth. Her story starts with her childhood and follows the ups and downs of exploring her sexuality, gender, and transition—as well as falling in love with a man who’s head over heels for her. Now they want to get married, so Chii’s about to embark on a new adventure: becoming a bride!

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