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The Art Of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions Artbook (Hardcover)

The Art Of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions Artbook (Hardcover)

-Written by: Jennifer

From the very first time I read one of Junji Ito’s works,I was hooked like a fish on a lure. His art style is his own unique insanity, and with every single panel, you could tell how much time and dedication was put forth. I know many people look down on the horror genre for manga and anime as it’s not “scary” enough, but that is simply not the case for Junji Ito’s masterpieces.

I thoroughly enjoyed my journey flipping through all of the pages of this artbook. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that this artbook featured both the classics like Tomie, Gyo, Shiver, and Uzumaki along with material I’ve never seen before, as well as commentary and an insider interview on his talented technique. Another fascinating bonus is that there’s black and white art as well as color, both of which are equally terrifyingly gruesome in my opinion!

My favorite portion of the artbook would hands down have to be the Uzumaki section. I felt as though I was reliving that spine-chilling story all over again! Being a huge fan, I for one definitely recommend this art book that features over 100 different illustrations by the master himself, Junji Ito. It is well worth your time and a treat for your twisted imagination.

The Art Of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions Artbook (Hardcover)

A first-ever collection of Junji Ito’s artworks, featuring over 130 images from his bestselling manga titles along with rare works. This sublime collection includes all of Ito’s unforgettable illustrations in both black-and-white and color, from Tomie’s dreadful beauty to the inhuman spirals of Uzumaki. Includes an interview focused on Ito’s art technique as well as commentary from the artist on each work.

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