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Soul Liquid Chambers Manga Volume 1 Review

Soul Liquid Chambers Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Clif

Post Apocalyptic Soul Liquid Chambers takes place in the 23rd Century! The world is overrun with Zombies! Before the world ended scientist attempting to grant humans immortality created the technology to extract the soul from the human body. This substance was called Soul Liquid! A promising achievement for mankind had the devastating consequence of opening up the Gates of Hell! The undead flooded out of those gates and consumed the earth. The remaining humans refer the this baron wasteland as Deadman’s Playground. The main protagonist is a young man named Emil who looks a bit like Captain Tylor to me. He’s a professional guide who knows the safest routes to travel through Deadman’s Playground. The wealthy are wiling to pay top dollar in order to have a safe trip through the wasteland. Emil is one of the best guides money can buy but he has no idea what he’s getting himself into when he agrees to take Fräulein Lotte Enderle to an abandoned research facility. Lotte is a extremely intelligent young lady who has a zombie butler and foul mouthed teddy bear that she claims is her older sister. The bear does not hold back and it was a delight to read all of the vulgar names she called Emil. I hope this banter continues throughout the series! That’s enough summary I don’t want to give to much away.

Classism is definitely a theme in Soul Liquid Chambers. Zombies are at the top of the food chain but the wealthy elite still control all of the resources that keep civilized society intact. The wealthy have cars with hydrogen engines, artificial intelligence, and walls to keep the zombies out. While the poor have to fight for their lives everyday doing whatever it takes to survive. Even if that means they have to eat the very things that are trying to eat them. Yes that is right! There are people in this manga who eat zombie meat! GROSS!

Soul Liquid Chambers argues that little girls are not made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Girls are made of gore and rust and feral bloodlust! If you are into zombies, name calling, and complete anarchy then this is the manga for you. I know I found a new series to obsess over! Until the release date for volume 2 is announced get your copy of Soul Liquid Chambers Volume 1 today!

Soul Liquid Chambers Manga Volume 1

A girl with prosthetic limbs and a tragic past wanders a zombie-ridden 23rd century earth now known as Death’s Amusement Park. Overrun by monsters, the post apocalyptic wasteland is the last place a little girl should call home, but she’s developed a unique coping mechanism...

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