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Shadows House Manga Review (By You!)

Shadows House Manga Review (By You!)

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Every quarter we are running a Manga Review Contest where you can submit a review from a selected list of manga. If you want to participate or learn more, click the link. Continue on to see what a fellow customer thought about the mysterious and spooky Shadows House Manga Volume 1.

This review is written by Hailey

I first fell in love with Shadows House through the anime series. So when I saw the manga was being licensed in English, I knew I just had to have it! Lo and behold, Emilico and Kate are just as charming in the manga as they are in the anime! The story takes place in a mansion inhabited by the Shadow Family. Kate is one such member of this family, accompanied by Emilico, her servant and a living doll. Mistress Kate appears to be nothing more than a faceless silhouette, which is where Emilico comes in. As a living doll, it is her job to represent Mistress Kate's face and portray her expressions. In this first volume, we get a look into Emilico's duties, tending to her mistress as they go about their daily lives, learning more about each other every day, and growing closer as they anxiously await their debut together.

The art in this story is simply gorgeous. From cover to cover, there is a very aristocratic feel that's very consistent throughout. The colored pages at the end really give an eerie feel, reminding the reader of how little we know so far about this world and just how strange this Shadow and Living Doll relationship is. It's a shame this wasn't licensed in full color just like its original format, but I found the contrast between the black and white images to be just as compelling, if not driving home all the more just how much of a silhouette the Shadows really are. One of my favorite aspects of this book is the breakdown sketches of the different living doll outfits at the end of every couple of chapters. It really adds an extra layer of detail that helps to submerge you into the Shadows' world.

For those wanting to indulge in a regency-style story with an added air of mystery, Shadows House would be a perfect match. Though this first volume mostly dealt with building the world inside the mansion and showing us the growing relationship between Kate and Emilico, I've no doubt volume two will dive a little more into the story, introducing even more of the world we've seen so far. Now I'm eagerly counting down the days until I get to see what shenanigans Emilico and Kate wind up getting themselves into next!

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Shadows House Manga Volume 1

Shadows House-a strange mansion that receives no callers, inhabited by a race of faceless shadows who play at being aristocrats and are waited on hand and foot by "living dolls," who also serve as their masters' faces. What goes on inside this enigmatic manor is anyone's guess, but soot and shrieks billow up from within...

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