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Sex Education 120% Manga Volume 1 Review

Sex Education 120% Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Krystal

While I think there are a lot of things our society lacks when it comes to primary education, I believe what we fail in the most is sex education. I had a lot of friends growing up that knew the bare minimum about sex and it affected their love lives way out of high school. In school we learned about the horrors of sex (STD’s), how to use a condom and how sperm fertilizes the egg, but that was about it. We didn’t explore anything past straight sex or other forms of contraceptives or other types of conditions that could affect a person’s sex life. The whole topic was very stigmatized and I had a lot of friends who could barely utter the word without feeling ashamed. My very first sex education lesson happened when I was in fifth grade and attending a Catholic school. We watched a video that was made at least a decade before I was born that alluded to the vagina by comparing it to a flower and never actually saying the word. It was incredibly confusing.

I know a lot of that seems like a bunch of unneeded information that doesn’t even pertain to the manga that I promised to review, but you would be wrong. This is the book I wish they would have handed out during my high school sex ed class. Sex Ed 120% covered a lot of information, while also shaming our education system for lack of proper sex education. While this was only the first volume and didn’t cover a whole lot of different topics, it did cover some important ones we don’t like to talk about, such as masturbation and female pleasure. While this book was mainly geared toward women (because that’s truly the people we are failing the most), I think this would still be a good read for developing men as well.

The book follows three teenage girls who each have different sexual preferences that aren’t covered in a standard sex education course. Moriya is a lesbian (and the only one of the protaganists that is actually sexually active), Matsuda is obsessed with boys’ love and Kashwa is asexual (granted they don’t explicitly say that, but I’m assuming they’ll cover that in a future volume). The girls are taught by their very sex positive sex ed teacher Tsuji, who is dedicated to teaching her students everything they need to know beyond just the school sanctioned text book. The book follows the girls' journey through each of their sexual discoveries and educates the reader at the same time.

While reading the book I was constantly comparing it to my own sex education. For instance, in my class we had discussed dental dams (used during oral sex to prevent STDs), but we were never shown one and at 25 I still didn’t know know what they looked like until this book.

There’s also a part in the book where they discuss the differences in animal genitalia that I found to be very interesting and something I never really thought about. There was a chapter that talked a lot about love hotels that wouldn’t really be that important to North American readers, but I think it would be very helpful to Japanese readers who are familiar with the concept.

I really hope the series delves into more topics such as sexual preference, gender and eventually discuss people who are trans. I think that’s something that could really benefit readers beyond just the teenage demographic. I highly recommend giving this book to teens who are just learning about sex or even people who may not be all that familiar with anything beyond what they’ve learned in high school. I really can’t wait for what the writer decides to cover next and I hope that eventually they make something similar that covers more male issues as well.

Sex Education 120% Manga Volume 1

Gym teacher Tsuji-sensei has one mission: help with Japan's terrible modern sex education standards. The problem is, her students barely know their birds from their bees! Between a girl who already has a girlfriend, a hard-core BL lover, and a girl who only cares about cats, Tsuji-sensei has her work cut out for her.

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