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Satan's Secretary Manga Volume 1 Review

Satan's Secretary Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jenny Lau

A secretary is like the middle child, an unnoticed peaceful negotiator and leader that keeps everything together and is essential for every boss. From acting as the gate keeper, keeping up with endless amounts of administrative tasks, and answering the phones with a smile, they are the unsung heroes in an organization. Without a secretary, most managers would be lost including the worst of all managers, Satan!

After napping for 300 years, Satan finds out that his demons have been run off from earth by humans. Filled with rage, he wants to eradicate humans but in order to do so, he convinced by a fellow demon to kidnap a special woman. This particular woman is the secretary to the king, the ruler all earth. With her tie to the king, the demons manage to bring her in by her willingness to give herself to Satan because she hates the king as well. Now under the direction of her new boss, Satan, she begins to perform not only her usual job duties but also going above and beyond her career title. She demonstrates that she is smart, witty, and just as bad as Satan eventually working her way up the hell ladder to Satan’s personal military strategist, and hiring manager for the demon army.

This hilarious plot is worth reading. I was thinking it would be more of romantic comedy like Toradora! but actually the manga has similar comedic tones like the Devil is a Part-Timer. So if you enjoyed this anime, you should definitely read Satan’s Secretary. One of the best parts in the manga was Satan and the Secretary’s job interviews with demons for the army. At times their working relationship is like a roller coaster ride, always up and down with insane situations but they seem to balance each other well. I recall a memorable moment when Satan explained how he would keep some of the humans alive to be used as slaves. His idea of the breeding process involved a crazy demonic tentacle procedure. But as any good secretary would do, she organizes and gives a more logically idea to his plan that impresses not just Satan but to the reader as well. If volume 2 comes out, I will be jumping to buy it to see how this working relationship pans out!

Satan's Secretary Manga Volume 1

The Demon King is awake at last and hellbent on world domination--but first he needs a secretary. He finds a human to organize his devilish plot and she’s perfect for the job. So perfect, in fact, that she’s steadily losing her grip on her humanity. Thanks to her smarts, super skills, and secretarial wiles, it’s only a matter of time before the Demon King’s destructive dreams come true!

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