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Sarazanmai Reo And Mabu Manga Review

Sarazanmai Reo And Mabu Manga Review

-Written by: Jocelyn

Sarazanmai Reo & Mabu is a fun, quirky side story to the animated series Sarazanmai. Never judge a book by its cover - at first glance and after reading the description I was expecting a sweet, joyful, almost slice of life story following two young cops finding an abandoned baby girl. This was me, prior to realizing it was a spin-off side story based on the series Sarazanmai, of which I have not previously watched.

However, I really enjoyed reading this, so much that I’ll have to switch gears and try out the series too!

First thing... yes, the book is odd but it's different, which makes it interesting and unpredictable. For example; the little girl randomly found on a plate in the middle of a street is named "Sara" simply because she says "dish" seemingly anytime she activates her powers. The boys Reo and Mabu are full of out-of-the-box characteristics and complement each others’ dynamic nicely. Reo is outgoing, full of energy, and who makes all of the decisions. Mabu is silent but knowledgeable, especially when it comes to his favorite hobby of cooking.

Although the story was something different, the art was fun and packed full of small details to enjoy. The story's pacing felt off. There are times where it would quickly speed up then suddenly slam on the brakes and throw the reader into reverse, causing it to be a little difficult to digest. But if you enjoy quirky, fun, and a collection of stories, give it a try! I would recommend you watching the series before reading this, overall I still had fun reading Sarazanmai Reo and Mabu.

Sarazanmai Reo And Mabu Manga

Sarazanmai: Reo and Mabu Manga features story by IKUNIRAPPER (Kunihiko Ikuhara) and art by Misaki Saitoh, with character designs by miggy.

Reo and Mabu, supernatural cops and agents of a certain empire, are surprised to find a baby lying on a plate in the street! They take her in as they search for her parents, but their bizarre lives keep leading them in wild directions. Strangely, this baby--whom they name Sara--seems to have supernatural powers as well...and these two men are starting to love her as if she were their own.

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