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Romantic Killer Manga Review (Written By You!)

Romantic Killer Manga Review (Written By You!)

-Written by: Right Stuf | February 2023

Every quarter we are running a Manga Review Contest where you can submit a review from a selected list of manga. If you want to participate or learn more, click the link. Continue on to see what a fellow customer thought about this comedy, Romantic Killer Manga Volume 1 (Color).

This review is written by Adrial

Is there anything better than the flutter of first love? For Romantic Killer's heroine Anzu Hoshino, definitely not - her only loves are video games, chocolate, and the adorable cat, Momohiki. But Anzu's life is turned upside down with the arrival of magical fairy Riri, whose job and subsequent paycheck is at risk with the decline of Japan's birth rate as the innocence and wonder of children is needed to fuel fairy magic. Riri's solution for this is granting, or rather, forcing, Anzu to be the test subject for a project to make those with no interest in romance to fall in love by whatever means necessary to help with procreation. So with the overly complicated magic system in place, Anzu will now be living in the world of a shojo romance manga , full of the tropes of absent parents, aloof transfer students, childhood friends, and of course cohabiting with the hot guys of her new harem. Anzu is not excited about these prospects and the sudden chaos it causes, so she takes the challenge head on, determined to defeat Riri in a contest of wills and win back her beloved chocolate, video games, and cat.

Volume 1 of Romantic Killer wastes no time in setting the tone for this wacky comedy, quickly introducing us to the first harem suitor, Tsukasa Kazuki, with its full color enhancing its gags and giving added life to Anzu's unmatched facial expressions throughout. While the premise has been called into question, as forcing someone into love scenarios against their will would be, Anzu's resolve in combating Riri's schemes keep it feeling like a goofy send up of common tropes instead of overly mocking or mean spirited. As an aromantic reader I also find her struggle relatable, as the constant cultural expectation that romantic relationships must be prioritized above all else and condescending attitude towards those who don't feel that way feel a lot like Anzu's plight, minus the potato shaped fairy with the silly wizard hat.

Volume 1 of Romantic Killer will make a fun read for anyone who enjoys gag comedies and over-the-top scenarios, and is a must-read for those who enjoyed the recent Netflix adaptation.

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Romantic Killer Manga Volume 1 (Color)

Romantic Killer volume 1 features story and art by Wataru Momose.

When gamer Anzu gets transported to a world of hot guys, it's like she's in a dream… someone else's dream!

High schooler Anzu Hoshino has a great life. Every day she plays video games, pigs out on snacks, and pets her beloved cat. But this blissful existence is turned into a confusing mess when a magical creature transports her to an altered reality bereft of her favorite things. Now she's stuck with hot guys instead! How can she possibly survive in such an awful world?!

Anzu must play along in this altered reality before she can return to her normal life, so she begrudgingly makes friends with Tsukasa Kazuki. He unfortunately happens to be one of the hottest and most popular guys at school, and what's worse, she realizes that he might not even be that bad of a person!

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