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Right Stuf has joined the Crunchyroll family

Right Stuf has joined the Crunchyroll family

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Right Stuf + Crunchyroll = the best stuff!

We are excited to announce that Right Stuf has joined the Crunchyroll family! Together, we'll deliver new anime experiences and provide fans with a premiere anime shopping destination.

We remain customer-first and our commitment to customer service is unwavering! The Right Stuf shopping experience, 'collectible' level product packaging and best-in-class service you've come to expect will continue.

Right Stuf is joining Crunchyroll, what does that mean? Is Right Stuf shutting down?

Like chocolate and peanut butter, Right Stuf and Crunchyroll will be even better together. Right Stuf will remain open and ready to serve you with the best anime, manga, figures, and more!

How will this affect how I order?

There should be no changes to ordering from RightStufAnime, unless you are looking to buy Erotica products. Please check here for our Erotica products FAQ.

Will the RightStufAnime website address change?

Branding changes have not been determined at this time. No need to update any bookmarks!

Will the Right Stuf catalog be available to purchase on Crunchyroll?

Not immediately but stay tuned for exciting new products, features, benefits and more!

Will Right Stuf sell only Crunchyroll products?

Right Stuf will continue to provide the same wide variety of products we have been offering for 35 years, with the exception of Erotica products.

I have a preorder on Right Stuf, will it still be fulfilled?

Yes! Orders will continue to be processed and fulfilled by Right Stuf as usual. See current policy here. If your product contains Erotica items, those orders will be transferred. Please see the section of the FAQ on Erotica products here.

I'm a Got Anime? Member. Will my membership change in some way?

We're temporarily pausing new Got Anime? Memberships so we can better evaluate how to continue offering you the best value, incentives, and perks! Current Got Anime? Memberships will continue to provide the same benefits. Please stay tuned for further updates!

Will Route, Sezzle, and Paypal still be available on my order?

All of these options will remain on the RightStufAnime Store. If you are buying Erotica items, Ero Anime Store may have their own offerings. We will work with Route to cover all orders which are transferred to Ero Anime Store.

Will the Right Stuf return policy change?

No changes! Please see current return policy and details here.

Can I return Crunchyroll shop items to Right Stuf? Can I return Right Stuf purchases to Crunchyroll?

Right Stuf and Crunchyroll stores will continue to operate separately for the moment, and any returns should be made to the store where the item was purchased.

RightStuf Return Policy

Crunchyroll Return Policy

Can I buy Right Stuf items with my Crunchyroll gift card? Can I use a Right Stuf Gift Certificate on Crunchyroll?

Right Stuf and Crunchyroll stores will continue to operate separately for the moment, so gift cards will only be honored by the store where the gift card was purchased. If you have a Right Stuf gift card, it's waiting for you to put it to work!

Will Crunchyroll subscribers get any discount on Right Stuf?

Not yet but we are designing lots of new Crunchyroll subscriber benefits that will include Right Stuf! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates.