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Right Stuf Anime – The Best Gift With Purchase

Right Stuf Anime – The Best Gift With Purchase

-Written by: Jake Ackarath

Over the years we’ve had some amazing people work at Right Stuf Anime. In 2005, when we made the jump from a 10,000 sqft warehouse to the 76,000 sqft palace we now call home, with the purchase we acquired an extra special team member by the name of Jerry Dykstra.

Jerry, a man of his trade, had worked at this very facility since 1978 with canned goods company Beaver Valley Canning who was acquired by Faribault Foods. Fast forward to 2005 when we acquired the facility and the rest is history. He took his vast knowledge of securely packaging and shipping everything grown under the sun and used those skills to create the perfect packaging for your anime ‘goods.’ When you really think about it, packaging chili beans and packaging anime or manga isn’t really all that different, they need to arrive in excellent condition.

So how did Jerry transition from packaging canned goods to over 20,000 items including every title from Astro Boy to Zeta Gundam? With a little help from his new Right Stuf family!

For more than a decade, Jerry dedicated himself to improving our shipping process, managing inventory levels, and making sure your products arrive to you in pristine condition.

The summer of 2016, Jerry decided it was time to retire from the place he called home for the last 39 years to focus on fishing and working on home projects. However, Jerry missed us so much (or maybe the building) he now spends about 20

hours a week helping us with maintenance issues around the facility and different projects that put his handyman skills to the test. No matter the reason, he’s family and we’re happy to see him every day. Who would have thought when we started looking to purchase a new home, we’d end up with such an amazing gift with purchase!

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