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Reborn As A Polar Bear Manga Volume 1 Review

Reborn As A Polar Bear Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jocelyn

Reborn as a Polar Bear The Legend of How I Became a Forest Guardian, while a cute concept and the potential to be a brilliant isekai story, wasn’t my cup of tea. I found it to be lackluster and, in parts, just plain boring. There’s no chance to grasp any of the characters as none of their personalities or pasts are explored. Panel transitions are poor and jumbled while the cute art is the only positive experience in this first installment to the series.

The story focuses primarily on the main character, Kumakichi Kumada, falling off a cliff in one of the first panels to discovering he’s been reincarnated as a polar bear in the next. Finish the page with something similar to “Oh well.. Guess we’re doing this.” With hardly any reaction to dying and now randomly being reincarnated as a strong beast that simply dwells at the top of the food chain makes any emotions for this book bland and tasteless. We turn the page to discover he is then suddenly helping out a small family of female werewolves. While cute the story is fast-paced and repetitive which just doesn’t cut it for me. If volume 2 were to slow down, give the characters personalities and emotions while unveiling a potential underlying story, I would be more interested in this series. If you’re looking for other isekai stories, I would recommend series such as The Rising of the Shield Hero, Re:ZERO, or Knights & Magic.

Reborn As A Polar Bear Manga Volume 1

After a climber falls off a mountain, he wakes up as a polar bear! Now, he has to protect two werewolf sisters and use his wits to navigate the dangers of the forest.

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