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Our Last Crusade Or The Rise Of A New World Manga Volume 1 Review

Our Last Crusade Or The Rise Of A New World Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jordon

A war that started 100 years ago has come to a stalemate. Neither side gains any ground, and the ebb and flow of battle is all most people know. Iska, a former Saint Disciple for the Empire, released from prison only one year into his life sentence for a difficult mission that only he and his old military team can perform. Their mission: find and kill Alice, the Ice Calamity Witch – the direct descendant of the Grand Witch Nebulis, who started the rebellion against the Empire. She is incredibly powerful and poses a great danger to future Empire military plans, and eliminated at all costs.

After a brief battle, our two characters part ways, thinking that their fates will eventually lead them to destroy one another. For Iska, it has been his sole mission since joining the military. For Alice, it is her dream that her people can walk the streets without persecution. They both view each other as the embodiment of these goals.

It seems, however, fate has other plans. They run across each other at a theater in a neutral city – a place where rules are in place to maintain peace; and realize, however subtly, that they are both humans, not monstrous beasts. They meet again at a restaurant after the show, and are forced to share a table, where they coincidentally order the same meal; and yet again, a day or two later, at an art showing. During this time, we see that their thoughts constantly dwell on each other. Not because they are enemies, but because they have begun to enjoy each other’s company. Each time they enter each other’s thoughts, they have to force themselves to remember that they are enemies. However, are they really?

The artwork is drawn beautifully. The detail gives you the full effect of the character's emotions. The storyline captures your interest early on by giving you a peek into what happened prior to the start of the series as well as the events immediately preceding the beginning of the story. However, once your attention is grabbed, the story takes a while to build back up. The excitement is tempered with details, until we reach another small climax. This cycle gets repeated several times throughout the story. While I find the pacing of the storyline interesting, it does make the reading drag because you are bogged down with details before anything exciting happens. It has made me anticipate the second volume, because the final scene leaves us with yet another chance encounter between Iska and Alice after finding out some curious information about the Nebulis witch. I earnestly believe that there is more to this story than what meets the eye, both for the plotline and character development. Do they really need to destroy each other to bring peace? Could they be falling in love, uniting two factions who are locked in a century-long civil war? Is there another force at work we have not met yet? I guess no one will know until volume two appears.

Our Last Crusade Or The Rise Of A New World Manga Volume 1

As the unending war between magic and machine rages on, the greatest witch and the strongest swordsman have finally come face to face on the battlefield. They must destroy the other if either of their peoples are to be saved, but this battle may not be so simple. Only one thing is certain: their meeting will change the destiny of this world forever!

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