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Ojojojo Manga Omnibus 1

Ojojojo Manga Omnibus 1

-Written by: Jenny Lau

Opposites do attract in this witty romantic story.  Will this rich girl and weird guy ever see eye to eye?

Ah...the dreaded high school days. Those 4 years where we are trapped with the same cliques; beauty queens, jocks, loners, and geeks. Loved or hated it, we all had to bear through it. While high school isn’t the highlight of our lives, we still remember those special classmates. In Ojojojo, the story takes a trip down high school memory lane of two adolescents - rich girl, Haru and laid back hipster, Tsurezure. Complete opposites, the two eventually form a bizarre romantic relationship in this heartwarming comedy.

Haru is not just ordinarily rich. She is the heiress to one of the largest business empires in all of Japan. Practically a celebrity due to her heritage, she has an aloof behavior that alienates her from her peers, who she refers to as “commoners.” And like any true rich kid, she constantly brags about her wealth. In short, Haru lacks social skills, partly because she transferred to a countless number of schools over her lifetime. After settling in a new school, and not getting off to a smooth start with her new classmates, she finally meets her match. An outcast weirdo named Tsurezure.

Tsurezure is socially awkward. He’s a reserved individual with a hint of sarcasm. His personality reminds me of James Dean mixed with Tony Stark. This kind of personality can make the most socially awkward girl swoon. It becomes no surprise when the two social misfits, Haru and Tsurezure, begin a romantic relationship. Each chapter unfolds their adventurous, cute relationship as they navigate high school.

If you enjoy a fun slice of life comedy like Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, then Ojojojo is up your alley as it is also written by the same author and artist, Coolkyousinnjya. The manga chapters are short and the art, to my surprise, is simple. The settings and scenes are not overly drawn with shading and ornate details. The characters, however, are illustrated with greater emphasis. From the facial expressions to body language, these illustrated parts helped tie in the witty writing throughout each chapter. The art style approach was superb in that it helped to focus more about writing and character development without busy art distractions. Although the chapters are short, it still did a good job on the tsundere trope. Haru and Tsurezure are meant for each other!

Ojojojo Manga Omnibus 1

There’s rich girls, and then there’s Haru–an ultra-rich heiress with more money than you could spend in your lifetime. She may be loaded, but she has to go to high school like everyone else–and when you see everyone there as mere commoners, it might be just a little difficult to make friends. There’s only one person who really hits it off with her: Tsurezure, an aloof hipster with a super-weird fashion sense. It’s an unlikely friendship between oddballs in this heartwarming comedy about a couple of misfits, their high school class, and one long-suffering butler.

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