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My Special One Manga Volume 1 Review (Written By You!)

My Special One Manga Volume 1 Review (Written By You!)

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime | June 2023

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This review is written by Elizabeth

Momoko Koda's My Special One begins with a flashback to shy, bookish Sahoko's first crush in middle school. After crushing on a handsome classmate from afar, she finally sends him a love letter. He mockingly rejects her in a group chat, and she vows to resist beautiful boys forevermore. When we find her at age 16, Sahoko is balancing school and work in her parents' diner while honing her anti-love stance. Since she finds pop idols to be the most offensive examples of male beauty, she is offended when Like Legend's Kouta mistakes her for a fan while dining at the family restaurant. Of course, Kouta finds her disinterest refreshing and vows to make her see the error of her ways. Does he want her to be his biggest fan, or something more?

If the above description doesn't make it clear already, the story employs many classic tropes. How do we know Sahoko is a nerd? Why, she wears glasses, of course! This layer of cheese makes some of the less palatable plot elements easier to swallow. It has been pointed out, not unfairly, that if Sahoko were male and slightly older, she would be a budding incel instead of a manga heroine. It helps that Kouta is not only guileless, but a bit of an emotional hot mess in his own right. I ended up "aww"ing out loud at both characters at different times. The side characters are easy to like, especially the unexpected ally Sahoko finds. I personally enjoyed the fandom aspects of the story most, with its glimpses into pop star life and the fans' various rituals. I expected one story twist throughout, but was taken aback when the ending took another direction. So, I'm eager to see what's next!

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My Special One Manga Volume 1

After a mortifying rejection, Sahoko Wakaume has sworn off beautiful boys. But a chance meeting puts her in the sights of gorgeous J-pop star Kouta Kirigaya of the group Like Legend. Sahoko will need all her cynicism to defend herself against Kouta's tenderhearted and affectionate attacks to win her heart!

Sahoko tells off the nation's top idol, Kouta, in her family's restaurant for assuming that she's his fan. Instead of being cowed by his mistake, Kouta comes in the following day with albums and VIP tickets to Like Legend's next concert. Can Sahoko withstand his shining onslaught to charm her?

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