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Mushroom Girls In Love Manga Review

Mushroom Girls In Love Manga Review

-Written by: Brooke

Mushroom Girls In Love is more than just a loveable yuri title, it’s got a huge universe waiting inside each page. When I first saw this title, I thought maybe the plot would focus on these two girls and their daily lives living in what appeared to be a female-only forest. Instead of only getting what I expected, I also had the pleasure of reading comprehensive details about the local ‘wildlife’ and how the forest came to be without humans or other organisms. Additionally, we are blessed with knowing the extensive lifestyle details about these Mushroomfolk such as social hierarchy, trading patterns, political conflicts, and ecological cycles.

This tale of love between Arriala, a strong-willed herder of the Mushroomfolk, and Erriela, a kind-hearted-outsider scribe of the Mushroomfolk, focuses on overcoming relationship hardships and much more. They simply want to be together because they love each other and they don’t really care what others think. After tying the knot, and touching on the complications of relating mushroom reproduction with human personifications, things get interesting when an enemy’s princess wants Erriela all to herself. We find out that only royal fungi have poisonous appendages, and only a select few are immune to it. As it turns out, Erriela is one of the few that are immune, which makes the selfish princess believe they are DESTINED to be together. Contrasting the dark tale of the princess attempting to sweep Erriela away from Arriala, we are sprinkled with pages of intricate details about the environment.

While the story captured my heart, the feeling of wanderlust continued to peak my interest. While this series appears to only have one book, I’d love to explore this mushroom realm for much, much longer. Simply being able to jump back into these details at any time lets it win a spot on my shelf any day. If you’re looking for a romantic tale of true love set in a beautiful world, this is the short and sweet book for you. It’s captivating in every sense of the word, and I’m so glad I was able to review it. This book will give you what you expect then multiply your expectations by scattering spores of awesomeness all around you. It almost gives the sense of a slightly educational fantasy title with how in-depth it is. Let the spores sink deep and give this book a read today!

Mushroom Girls in Love Manga

Our story begins on an all-women planet of fungi, where Ariella and Eriella are about to get married! But they’ve got a long road ahead of them: illness, operations, and even a dastardly royal plot seeks to split them apart. Is their love strong enough to weather any storm?

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