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Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? Novel Volume 1 Review

Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? Novel Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Andrew

If you went on an adventure with your mom, would you become closer? This is a line that gets repeated many times and is the simple premises behind Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? This story written by Dachima Inaka starts off with a high school student named Masato Oosuki. Masato’s class is told to complete a survey about their relationship with their mothers, after which they can leave. Once he got home he saw his mom talking with someone who turns out to be a government agent named Shirase. Shirase tells Masato that he can participate in a government program that involves going into an MMORPG. Masato agrees but before he knows it, his mom Mamako joins him and they get teleported into the game. Mamako is in her 40s but looks as if she is still in her teens or lower 20s, a fact that is surprisingly relevant throughout the book.

Masato is very displeased that his mom is there with him, but Mamako is very happy that she will get to adventure alongside her son. The pair followed a path that led to a palace where the King explained as best as he could what was going on. Afterward they were taken to a room where they could pick their exclusive login bonus. Their roles were pre-chosen, Masato a Hero and Mamako the Hero’s Mother. For their login bonus they could each choose 1 of 3 swords; one fire, one water, and one light. Masato chose the Sword of light. Not fully understanding how games work, Mamako, picked both the fire and water swords. Masato didn’t know you could choose more than one sword and wasn’t too happy that his mom got 2 legendary swords. After receiving their swords Masato wanted to test them in a field full of monsters. Mamako is super overpowered and slays every monster in one swing. Masato can’t believe his eyes and is very unhappy because his sword is only really good against flying enemies which are kind of rare.

Masato decides that they will need a party if they are going to continue their adventure. They look through the resumes of a few potential party members but none of them pass “The Mom Test”, AKA Mamako didn’t like them. They eventually meet two young adventurers, a hot-headed sage named Wise and a merchant girl named Porta, who join their party. After they are added to the party they discover that they have no currency, called Mums. They find a giant hole and proceed inside because Porta says there is treasure down there. Once inside they have to face a giant slime that shoots goo, dissolving Mamako’s clothes. After they have dealt with the Slime, and have gotten Mamako new clothes, they return to the surface to go shopping for new armor. Once all the arguing over different armor and Mamako trying on various outfits that you wouldn’t want to see your mom in is done they proceed on with their quest and go to the wandering woods. After getting lost and facing some monsters along the way, they make it to a new town. Exploring the town, they head to a family hot springs divided into male and female sides. Strangely enough, the 3 girls and Masato all end up the male side and the situation gets super awkward when Masato sees his naked mother at a hot spring. Fortunately, his sticky situation is interrupted by the Queen of Night, who is causing some havoc in the town.

I’ll leave the rest for you to discover. I don’t read novels but this light novel was amazing, to say the least. It only took a few hours to read and there are full-page illustrations every once and awhile. It was also interesting to see how overpowered Mamako could get. This title is 16+ for a reason though. There is frequent fan service and some of the illustrations are a bit risqué but I wouldn’t say that any of the story is lost because of this. I would recommend that anyone of age and who doesn’t mind some fan service, to pick this title up. If I wrote about everything in this book this review would be pages long, so make sure to grab this title and enjoy.

Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? Novel Volume 1

Masato thought he was part of a random survey, but when he gets involved in a secret government scheme, he winds up trapped in the game world. Even more surprising--his mother's there, too!

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