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Moteki Manga Volume 1 Review

Moteki Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jenny Lau

If you are approaching or living in your late 20’s, there is a couple life goals that might resonate with you; marriage, family, career. And once you accomplished a goal, it is simply crossed off your checklist. Sounds like achievable goals right? If I could just check everything off my checklist with such ease, I wouldn’t experience the quarter life crisis breakdowns, my biological clock loudly ticking in my head, or the constant anxiety of working towards a goal.

So, out of the many manga I scanned for a potential review Moteki caught my eye. An almost thirty-year-old man that doesn’t seem to have his life together sounds like something I can definitely relate to. The main character, Yukiyo Fujimoto has never been able to hold a steady job, or a girlfriend. But out of the blue, he experiences Moteki. According to the Japanese, Moteki is where a person is viewed desirable to the opposite sex. The women from his past and present suddenly emerge and Yukiyo finds himself in hilarious love situations. For Yukiyo playing the love game is not easy but is it ever? This manga painted playful romantic ideals such as holding hands for the first time, dealing with someone that has child from a previous relationship, or wanting to lose your virginity.

But the biggest takeaway I learned from this manga is the only person that can make you happy is you! Just because you are not accomplishing your goals right this second, doesn’t mean it will not get checked off. Yukiyo may not have his ducks in a row, YET but I am hoping to find out in Volume. 2!

Moteki Manga Volume 1

Yukiyo Fujimoto’s life has been in a rut. He is about to turn thirty and has never held a steady job or had a girlfriend. And at a time when the prospects for hope seem at their lowest, suddenly his phone blows up! Out of the blue he is contacted by several women from his past! His moteki has finally come!! Love has struck and cupid’s arrow has hit him repeatedly and, coincidentally, all at the same time! Yukiyo may seem to have many options now, but is he ready for love? And are any of these women? The stage for love might be set, but the time might only be right for him to finally grow up!

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