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Monster Girls are Everywhere

Monster Girls are Everywhere

-Written by: Michael B

In recent years it seems to be you can’t search through any anime or manga without seeing monster girls. They seem to be all the rage and just when you think the fad may be starting to shift, another slew of titles and arcs are released. We now even have monster girls that wrestle! So what is it about monster girls that’s so appealing? The fact that most of them are cute, adorable and funny may just be a few of the reasons. Some are even thought to be waifu material….. who would have known, right?

Miia (Monster Musume): Of all the girls in Monster Museum, Miia is by far the most domineering and hot-tempered. Whenever she feels that her claim on Kimihito is threatened, she is quick to lash out at the other girls and even Kimihito himself. Additionally, despite her flirtatious nature, she often becomes shy and embarrassed when Kimihito accidentally does something perverted towards her before (hypocritically) calling him a pervert or idiot and striking him with her tail.

Papi (Monster Musume): Her young, adolescent, and petite appearance is a racial trait of harpies, as having a smaller frame and lighter body makes it easier for them to fly. Because of this, along with her personality, she is frequently mistaken for a child or a young teenage girl, despite the fact that she is an adult. Papi is joyous, absent-minded, and a bit naive. She can be a little air-headed at times, has a short-term memory, as well as a short attention span. Because of these traits, she is called a "birdbrain".

Tohru (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid): In her human form, Tohru has long blonde hair with flaming orange tips with pink/purple added to the hair and red-orange eyes with dilated pupils, She has a buxom figure with large thighs and plump, bouncy breasts, claiming to be a D cup (for dragon size). She magically transforms her scales into a maid outfit, copying the uniform from a maid cosplay cafe (Maid Cafe Cozy).

Kanna (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid): In her human form, Kanna has white-lavender hair and blue eyes. Her usual attire consists of a white capelet with a fur collar, a pink blouse, a white frilly skirt and pink doll shoes. She ties her hair into pigtails, each adorned with three dark blue beads. Kanna is soft-spoken and quiet and demonstrates most of her emotions through minute expressions. Despite being technically older than her human peers, Kanna behaves no differently from a human child as she easily tires of routine and enjoys playing games.

(Left) Machi (Interviews with Monster Girls) Machi is a Dullahan meaning her head is separate from her body. She has fair skin and ginger hair cut short due to her head being difficult to carry with longer hair. She is also fit with muscular arms due to her always carrying her head around. She is extremely intelligent, having placed 5th in the midterms and 1st in the proficiency exam. Machi enjoys studying and aiding her friends.

(Middle) Takanashi (Interviews with Monster Girls) A vampire by nature, she requires blood to sustain her biological well-being. Unlike common depiction of Vampires however, she is very active, cheerful, full-spirited, and is more than capable of eating garlic.

(Right) Kusakabe (Interviews with Monster Girls) She is a Yuki Onna (Snow Woman) by nature, resulting in her ability to lower the ambient temperature, which is most apparent when she is experiencing strong negative emotions. Kusakabe has fair white skin, short turquoise hair. Her body is colder than a normal human, she also has gold colored eyes which produce icy tears if caused by a negative feeling, same with the feet but produces cold air. She feels weak in a hot area that can cause her to Faint. She has very few sweat glands causing her to sweat rarely.

Monster Wrestling Manga Volume 1: As I mentioned earlier, there are even monster girls that wrestle. Because this title was recently released and none of us have had a chance to review it yet, we’ll simply post the description and let you decide. —> In a world where humans and demi-humans coexist, the sport of monster wrestling is a major hit! Featuring monster girls competing in the squared circle, a young half-Cerberus named Tirol dreams of becoming a pro monster wrestler herself! But will she ever debut in the big leagues when she's had fifteen straight losses...? <— Sounds pretty good, huh?

In closing I'd like to thank Anime Underground & Fandom Wiki for having excellent research materials on this subject!