Mermaid Boys Manga Volume 1 Review

Mermaid Boys Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Megan R.

What happens when a mermaid prince falls in love with an ordinary human girl? Experience the shenanigans as Prince Naru of the merfolk accepts the Sorcerer’s offer of human legs. Naru doesn’t want to give up his voice though, and instead sacrifices his…good looks? Mermaid Boys by Yomi Sarachi will reel you in with cute mermaid boys and keep you reading with a stream of interesting characters. Naru’s love interest Nami Sakuragai is stubborn, independent, and even has a fear of swimming! Nami has a childhood best friend who would probably love to turn this story into a love triangle as well! This quirky twist on the classic Little Mermaid tale is a casual read, but who can say no to cute Mermaid Boys?

Mermaid Boys Manga Volume 1

The mermaid prince is super-popular with all the girls lining up to be his bride. But the one he falls in love with...has legs!

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