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Love and Heart Manga Volume 1 Review

Love and Heart Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Krystal

So this manga was a lot. So much so, I had a hard time putting into words how I felt about it. Let me start off by saying that I signed up for this review a few months ago and when I finally got around to reading it, I completely forgot what it was about. From the cover, I just assumed it was a romance and then I started reading it and realized I was mistaken. It is not a romance, it’s a hot mess that teetered on the edge of being a comedy and a horror story. I personally am not a fan of this combo and was left feeling very confused and kind of freaked out at the same time. Now that I’ve finished the manga, I’m left unnerved by how this ended. I am really trying to come up with the appropriate words to describe this manga so that I can give an informed review, but I honestly am still feeling very conflicted.

Let me just start off by attempting to summarize Love and Heart and then you might get an idea as to why I’m left in such a confused mess. The book starts with the protagonist, Yoh, breaking up with her boyfriend after she received a text from an unknown number claiming to be her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. The texter claims that Yoh’s boyfriend is cheating on Yoh with her. Yoh, being the independent woman that she is, confronts her boyfriend and breaks up with him, even though he insists that he hasn’t cheated and his ex didn’t send the text. In the middle of the very public break up, Yoh runs into a handsome stranger who comes to her defense when Yoh’s boyfriend starts yelling at her, claiming she was actually the one who cheated. Yoh thanks the mystery man for his help and then the two part ways.

Later in the day, Yoh goes home only to realize she lost her house key and, because she lives alone, there isn’t anyone else who can let her in…. at least that’s what she assumed. Suddenly the door bursts open to reveal the smiling stranger from before welcoming her home and claiming to be a long lost childhood friend. I would just like to say if this were me, I would have used my purse as a weapon and whacked the guy until he got out of my house and then called the cops. Sadly, Yoh didn’t do this and instead asked him who he was and why he was in her house. The tall, dark and creepy intruder then explains that his name is Haruma and used to live in the house next door when they were both kids before he moved to Seattle. While there, he reconnected with Yoh’s mother, who had been working there for the past three years, and mentioned how he was going to be studying abroad in Japan and needed a place to stay. Being the good ex-neighbor that she was, she offered to let him live at her house with her nineteen year old daughter. To me, this whole story sounds very suspicious, but Yoh just accepts it even though she has no memories of this guy. To add to the sus factor, Yoh’s friend tells her that her old neighbors all died in a family suicide.

At this point I figured this was either a ghost story similar to Nicole Kidman’s The Others or it was going to be like the Brenda Song Netflix movie Secret Obsession. As the story goes on, it turned out to be the latter. A lot of weird stuff happens, like a stalker taking creepy photos of Yoh and a neighborhood murder, that were all very much what-in-the-world-is-happening type of moments. And then, while I was feeling conflicted about that, Yoh’s two best friends would pop up here and there with some sort of funny antidote. Again, a very odd combo that I was not a fan of. In the end it turns out Haruma’s story checks out and Yah’s mother confirms Haruma’s story, but I am not convinced. Not even one iota of my being believes Haruma can be trusted, especially when he talks about his mother’s suicide (it does turn out that his family did commit suicide, but it was just him and his mom and he’s alive, so not all the facts are correct) with a SMILE ON HIS FACE! Like, what? And Yoh isn’t totally scared of him anymore and actually starts to wonder if he has feelings for her and if she has feelings for him. Again, this guy is very suspicious and I’m honestly confused as to why Yoh is suddenly fine with him. It doesn’t help that he says a lot of weird things when she’s not there like “Yoh-chan is surrounded by dangerous people.” Like, is he talking about himself? I’m just getting crazy vibes all over the place from this guy.

So the book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but there are already two other volumes on our site, so the story isn’t really done yet. I just felt like I was taken on a weird rollercoaster that leveled off in the end, but there is still a looming figure in the background that is ready to steer the ride in another direction. I’m tempted to pre-order the other two volumes right now, but I’m also afraid I’m just going to be left even more befuddled after reading those. I’m not saying the manga was bad, but I will say be ready for a weird experience if you do read it.

Love and Heart Manga Volume 1

Sure, university freshman Yagisawa has a lot on her plate, but the last thing she expected to add was a surprise male roommate! Handsome Haruma claims to be a childhood friend, but for some reason, Yagisawa doesn't remember him at all, and his history isn't the only oddity - disturbing things begin to happen and Yagisawa may really be in over her head!

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