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Little Devils Manga Review

Little Devils Manga Review

-Written by: Brooke

Imagine a mighty hero vanquishing the Devil! However, the Devil was so strong and powerful that he couldn’t just die. Instead, his body split into twelve core parts and turned into adorable Little Devils.

This is the situation that God’s hero, Byron, found himself in. After his hero finally defeated the greatest demon of all, God realized that he needed someone to watch over the small devil-children. It also meant that not just anyone could watch over these little boys; it needed to be someone that could beat the Devil if he were to return. So our story follows Byron, the legendary hero, as he becomes the legendary babysitter in true Slice-of-Life style.

In the first volume, we are officially introduced to eight of the twelve parts of the devil, but only eleven siblings are in existence currently. While they are still children, and they all seem innocent enough, they can be quite rebellious! Some crave books or attention while others try to do good, but end up summoning a monstrous creation on accident! Some are more mean-spirited than others, but all of them appear to care for each other and can’t wait for the twelfth brother (or sister) to hatch! Did I forget to mention that? You should order it now to find out a little more!

Overall, if you’re looking for a supernatural slice of life with kids, this is definitely a good pick. It’s easy to relate with the innocent attempts that turn into diabolical accidents! It’s a nice juxtaposition of good and bad alongside innocence and purpose. I feel it gives a similar vibe to Kanna's Daily Life! Feel free to check this one out; it’ll give you a nice break from reality. I mean, look at those adorable little faces!

Little Devils Manga Volume 1

After the defeat of the demon king, twelve adorable demons were born into the world. God orders Byron, a hero, to raise the little devils into paragons of virtue–for the sake of peace across the land. Now Byron must summon household powers and slay domestic chores in the life-or-death struggle of raising little kids!

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