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Comic Party - Let The Party Begin

Comic Party - Let The Party Begin

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Comic Party - Let the Party Begin

With dubbing complete, we're all anxiously awaiting the release of the fan favorite Comic Party. Here's the scoop on what to expect...

For those of you who weren't one of the lucky few to catch our premiere screenings of Comic Party at Anime Expo West, Otakon, or Anime Iowa, let me invite you into the crazy world of Comic Party where omake is the norm, hidden references are a must, and everything is driven by the mega otaku maniac Taishi Kuhonbutsu whose grand plan is to achieve global domination through doujinshi (fan comics)!

When we first looked into picking up this title, I was amazed to note just how many cultural, sci-fi, anime, and manga references the creators had managed to stuff into this little show. In fact, fans will quickly notice that the entire first scene of the show is a play on KSS' To Heart Series. (Both the Comic Party and To Heart were based on dating simulations originally created by Aquaplus.) In fact, you'll find pictures of < To Heart's characters (especially Multi) littered throughout the entire series here and there... and there… and even there! At one point we even considered putting in a "Multi Counter" as a DVD extra, but it would have ended up being almost as much work as putting the regular subtitles together!

Beyond  To Heart, you'll also be able to find references to tons of other shows like MS Gundam, Dangaizer 3, Happy Lesson, Votoms, Evangelion, Steel Angel Kurumi, Wedding Peach, Space Battleship Yamamto, Cyborg 009, and… and… okay so I don't want to list the entire contents of this catalog right here. Suffice it to say that this show is packed with omake. I've watched Comic Party tons of times by now, and every time I watch it there's something else that sneaks out at me (the last round we found Pringles!). Of course, we're also planning to include a booklet packed with liner notes for each DVD, for those who need a little extra insider's help.

So is this a fan-only title? By no means! While there are tons of references packed into it, most of them are pretty subtle. For the most part, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride as Taishi pushes Kazuki further and further into (as Taishi would put it) the world of "swirling ambition, love, and hatred!"

One of things that Right Stuf has been working very hard on is the English version of this show. Oh, I can hear you groaning now. Many anime purists will swear that subtitled is the only way to go, but the cast for the English voice cast on Comic Party is outstanding. You've got Georgette Reilly as the sassy Yuu, Rachael Lillis as the emotional Mizuki, and poor Jack Lingo as the totally lost Kazuki. But it's Liam O'Brien's portrayal of Taishi that really steals the show. He'll have you rolling on the floor for the entire series!

Okay, as much as I'd love to continue to tell you the entire inside scoop, it seems I've run out of room in this issue. So make sure to catch me in the liner notes when Comic Party is released, Spring 2004!

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