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Kyoto Animation Donation Update

Kyoto Animation Donation Update

September 13, 2019

The anime community knows Kyoto Animation as a beloved animation studio that has consistently produced high-quality, heartfelt, and gorgeous animated films and series for the last several decades.

After the incident which occurred on Thursday, July 18, 2019, Kyoto Animation began accepting donations in order to help heal and rebuild. We at Right Stuf Anime wanted to provide an option to make it easier for anime fans to donate to the studio that has touched so many people all over the world. This donation option began on July 25 and ran until August 31.

We are touched and inspired by the amount of support received. In that period of time, together we raised $28,000, all of which will go to Kyoto Animation. We thank everyone who donated to Kyoto Animation as they heal and rebuild. This degree of support demonstrates the impact the staff of Kyoto Animation has had on the community and the level of caring and appreciation given by their fans, peers, and supporters.

“Thank you to everyone that contributed to this effort,” Right Stuf Anime President Shawne Kleckner said. “We’re proud in conjunction with our customers to present these funds to Kyoto Animation to assist their staff and their firm to recover from this horrible tragedy."

Kyoto Animation intends to use the donations to support the families who lost loved ones or are receiving medical treatment and to help with the reconstruction of the company that has influenced anime fans and creators all over the world. The costs of administrative tasks, processing fees, paperwork, and receipts are fully covered by Right Stuf Anime.

Again, we are tremendously proud by the kindness demonstrated by all those who donated. This would not have been possible without you. Thank you from Right Stuf Anime.

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