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K-ON Shuffle Manga Review (Written By You!)

K-ON Shuffle Manga Review (Written By You!)

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Every quarter we are running a Manga Review Contest where you can submit a review from a selected list of manga. If you want to participate or learn more, click the link. Continue on to see what fellow customers thought about K-ON! Shuffle Manga Volume 1.

This review is written by Brian

Well, I can't say that these girls are lazy. K-ON! Shuffle is a spin-off of the popular main title K-ON! from kakifly. It maintains the four-panel format and continues following a group of high school girls trying to make a band from their music club. The main twist being that rather than only one member not really knowing how to play at the start, it's most of the main cast.

Shuffle ties into the main story from the start as two friends from Hikarigaoka High School, Yukari Sakuma and Kaede Shimizu, go to the Sakuragaoka High School and witness the very first performance of the school's Pop Music Club, or Light Music Club if you prefer. Their music, and blue stripes, inspire the two to make a band and join their school's version of the club, the Pop Music Appreciation Society.

Yukari, while academically very bright, is a free spirit that rushes in headlong without thinking, with Kaede, who is unable to properly function without her bestie, happy to rush alongside her. The two end up roping in their straight-laced classmate Maho Sawabe in on their little venture. It doesn't take a lot of convincing as she has the hots for Kaede and isn't afraid to show it.

Without any of them having musical experience, the three work hard under the tutelage of upperclassmen to learn how to play and slowly but surely work their way into being a real band. All the while mixing in the lovely charm and comedic prowess of kakifly's writing and cute artstyle, K-ON! Shuffle is just as fun as the main K-ON! title.

I can't even really think of a personal complaint honestly, though of course if you don't like the main title, this certainly won't grab you. Really, based on the first volume, it feels like more of the same, and while I don't mind that, others probably will. It's not terribly different. I will say that I was surprised that it ends up running congruent with the main title, based on the synopsis I assumed the story was taking place in the future. Either way is fine though, it can stand on its own, I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to the next volume and seeing how these new girls shape up.

This review is written by Jack

K-ON! is one of the most popular slice of life series, even today, over 15 years after its initial publication in Japan. The series has many ardent fans which this spin-off capitalizes on. There are references back to the original cast, but this volume is quick to establish the new characters of Yukari, Kaede, Maho, and Riko.

If you're not already familiar with K-ON! I recommend starting with the KyoAni anime adaptation. This manga branches off from events that happen partway through the series. Although, I think the story is easily understood even without prior knowledge.

The first eight pages are a fully colored prologue that details how Yukari and Kaede witnessed Hokago Tea Time's first school festival performance while in Junior High. The two convince their classmate Maho to seek out the pop music club at their school, where they find existing club member Riko. Each page consists of 2 columns, 4 panels each. The right column is read top to bottom, then the left column is read.

This is my first experience of K-ON! as a manga. For many years (until the recently published omnibus) English copies were out of print and used volumes were expensive. The biggest downside to this manga is its short length, at only 128 pages, and its price, which is over the average for a manga volume. Given those two points, I recommend this manga only for established fans who want to see more of the K-ON! universe. That said, I personally enjoyed this spin-off and I'll continue following the series as more volumes are published.

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K-ON! Shuffle Manga Volume 1

K-ON! Shuffle Manga Volume 1 features story and art by kakifly.

There was once a high school band whose pop songs warmed and thrilled the hearts of all who listened. Now, three girls have been inspired to start a pop music club of their own, but will things turn out like they hope? It's a new generation of slice-of-life hijinks from kakifly, the original author of K-ON!

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