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July Favorites

July Favorites

-Written by: Will

This July was an eventful one: We celebrated our 31st birthday, the newest anime season started, and even more releases were added to the store. It’s understandable if the new releases were swept under your mental rug. Here’s a blog to remind you of all the new stuff added to Right Stuf this July.

Anime Releases

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 10th Anniversary Ultra Edition Blu-Ray

One of the best Gundam series, period. In the year 2037, three superpowers control Earth’s three “orbital elevators,” the only energy source on the planet. These superpowers battle for total ownership of the elevators, leaving Earth in non-stop conflict. That is until a new organization, the Celestial Being, comes out of the shadows. Armed with four Gundams, they desire to end all conflict and bring peace - by force. With a continuation announced continuation announced you better hop on the Gundam 00 train ASAP.

The Ultra Edition Blu-ray contains episodes 1-50, the A Wakening of the Trailblazer Movie, both OVA series, plus a 236-page hardback art book, 4 double-sided art cards, a fabric poster, a Haro metal keychain, a large car magnet and an amazing chipboard box!

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Season 2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray

How long until Part 5 comes out? Let’s wait together by watching Part 3.

The story is about teenager Jotaro Joestar on his quest to save his mother. You see, about 100 years ago Good Guy, Jonathan Joestar defeated Bad Guy, Dio Brando,killing himself in the process. However, Dio survived by attaching his head to Jonathan's body and taking a nap. Now Dio’s awake and using Jonathan's body. This reawakens the ancient power of The Stand in Jonathan Joestar’s descendants. The power is too much for Jotaro’s mother, and she dies. Accompanied by family, former enemies, and a boston terrier, Jotaro must defeat Dio - for real this time. This revenge story soon turns into a race to save the world.

There's plot in here somewhere, but it's about the adventure, not the destination. The Blu-ray version comes with a handkerchief for you to cry your tears of awesome into.

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Gravity Falls Blu-Ray

This isn’t anime! I know, it’s better. I’m joking, but this is one of the best animated shows to come out in quite some time. It's about twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines, who are dropped off in the small town of Gravity Falls for the summer. They stay with their Great-Uncle Stan, a crazy kook that runs a tourist trap. It looks like a summer of child labor for Dipper and Mabel, until they discover a hidden journal. The journal tells of monsters and supernatural occurrences happening in Gravity Falls. Who wrote it? Why did they write it? And what's with the pictures of a pyramid wearing a top hat?

These questions and more are raised, and the show has a fun time answering them. It's a summer vacation that no one, not even you, will forget.

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Manga & Novel Releases

So I'm A Spider So What? Novel Volume 3

Every week I check out our Top 10 selling novels, and every week I ask, “Why isn’t So I’m A Spider on this list?” Isekai (which is Japanese for people that are reincarnated into a fantasy-RPG world) stories have become formulaic power-fantasies; So I’m a Spider, So What? gives the genre a hard kick it in the thorax.

This story is about Kumuko, a girl that’s a bit of a loser. Her life doesn’t get any better; she wakes up as a spider, the weakest monster in the fantasy world. Relying on quick wit, Kumuko tires to survive in the dungeon she finds herself in. Her sarcastic voice is consistently funny, and her solutions to problems are always clever.

This isn’t just a good isekai, or a good light novel: It’s a great book.

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Made In Abyss Manga Volume 3

My favorite anime story continues in the manga that started it all. This manga is always beautifully drawn and author/illustrator Akihito Tsukushi only gets better in this volume. Now, deeper into the Abyss, Reg and Rico are closer to their goal. They learn more about The Curse and are forced to confront enemies and situations that aren’t for the faint of heart. If you persevere like our main characters, you will be rewarded with a powerful fable about the struggles of growing up.

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Hakumei And Mikochi Tiny Little Life In The Woods Manga Volume 1

This is everything I’ve wanted from a story about people who are one inch high. This manga focuses on the daily lives of Hakumei and Mikochi. Seeing the world from their eyes is a treat, and the calm slice-of-life vibes won’t stress you out. People who’ve read/seen Girl's Last Tour will know what I’m talking about. If you enjoy cute characters doing cute things in a dangerous yet peaceful setting, this is a great series to check out.

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Figure Releases

Devil Homura Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion Figure

Straight out of the sketchbook from the original character designer, Ume Aoki. This ⅛ scale figure depicts Devil Homura from the Madoka Magica Film. The detailed figure stands at almost 16 inches and is a must for any diehard Madoka Magica fan.

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Hatsune Miku Snow Miku Vocaloid Figure

One of the most striking figures in stock. The virtual idol’s iconic twin tails wrap around her face and body. It makes this 1/7 scale sculpture a treat for the eyes and a must have for the upcoming, cold winter months.

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Yami Yugi (Re-Run) Yu-Gi-Oh! Figma Figure

I see your wallet has activated my trap card! This figure comes with great extras, including the Millennium Puzzle and Duel Disk. This product is in limited quantities, so get it now or lose it forever!

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