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Right Stuf Anime International Shipping Update

Right Stuf Anime International Shipping Update

We're updating the way we handle international shipping here at Right Stuf Anime. If you're living outside the US or planning on making an international shipment, we think you'll be happy to hear about the positive changes we're making!

If you've ever ordered an international package from us – and likely other stores from outside your native country – then you are familiar with having to pay taxes and duties once a delivery person showed up at your door, oftentimes unannounced and unexpected. You were also probably asked to pay an extra 'advancement' fee for having the duty and associated taxes on your order collected that can cost up to $22 depending on the country. You probably said to yourself, "Hey, thanks for collecting the taxes on my awesome purchase. Oh, and I owe you even more for the privilege of paying the tax to you? Sure, here you go! Now please get away from my door!"

We are happy to announce that now Right Stuf Anime saves you time and money by pre-collecting your taxes and duties! That's right: no more advancement fees, including the total elimination of the customs clearance fees! Packages are shipped with FedEx, ensuring that your order doesn't make the extra stop at customs and the taxman doesn't have to come to your door asking for exact change. So while the taxes themselves will be the same (we can't do anything about that. We tried), that nice person with their hand out can go to someone else's house instead. Save that extra money and buy yourself something nice!

Last but certainly not least, the estimated delivery time on international orders will be 4-5 days to anywhere in the world! Pretty cool, huh?

To Recap:

  • Lower shipping cost (especially for packages weighing over 4 lbs)
  • Much faster delivery (4-5 day estimated shipping)
  • Taxes and duties are still collected as they have always been (nothing changes here)
  • Money that would have been paid for advancement and customs fees now stays in your pocket (so you can buy more anime!)

In order to use the FedEx International Economy service, select "FedEx International Economy" when selecting your Delivery Method during the checkout process.

We're continuously working to make our rates and shipping service better, and this exciting new update to the way we handle international orders is a testament to that fact!

* Duties and Taxes are estimated based on information provided by FedEx. If we find a discrepancy, we will contact you for additional payment or issue a refund. *