Right Stuf Anime International Shipping Update

Right Stuf Anime International Shipping Update

For our International customers, you'll notice the addition of FedEx International shipping! These rates, especially if you have an order which is more than 4 pounds, really are significant savings over our other shipping options (and much faster delivery).

Taxes will still need to be collected at the time of delivery along with the fee that each individual country charges to collect those taxes (known as an advancement fee). Remember, these would have to be paid no matter what shipping method is used. However, thanks to this new shipping method, the brokerage fee is now waived!

To recap:

  • Lower shipping cost (especially for packages weighing over 4 lbs)
  • Much faster delivery
  • Taxes and Advancement Fees are still collected as they have always been (nothing changes here)
  • Money that would have been paid for brokerage fees now stays in your pocket to buy more Anime!

We're always working to make our rates and shipping service better and passing along this discount is our latest step in doing so!