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Inside Mari Vol 1 Review

Inside Mari Vol 1 Review

-Written by: Will

Inside Mari is written by Shūzō Oshimi, writer of horror manga Flowers of Evil and Happiness. In short, his books are messed up. What starts out as a basic premise spirals into horrifying tragedy. So how does a daring author handle a story about body swapping? Pretty conventional so far.

Isao Komori is a college dropout spending his days surrounded by trash in his run-down apartment. Except for once a day, when he goes to the convenience store to creep on a girl who frequents there. One night he follows her home (from an appropriate distance, he claims), and the next thing he knows he wakes up inside her body. How he got there and what happened to the girl, named Mari, is the driving mystery for the reader, but Oshimi is more interested in the reality a person in this situation would face.

Isao faces the usual challenges for many body swap protagonists, but they aren't played for laughs like in similar stories. Where another author would use a getting dressed scene for fanservice, Oshimi uses it to show some redeeming qualities for Isao by keeping his eyes closed (he’s a stalker, not a perv!).

This subversion of tropes is what kept things interesting as Oshimi went through the motions of a typical first volume. The whole, “I learned a lot but the plot didn’t really go anywhere,” type of thing. Then things start getting interesting with some unexpected twists and the volume ends! It was just getting good! Luckily volume 2 comes out in a month, and I’ll be picking that up. It’s a promising start to a story that needs to be read in full to be properly judged. Your Name director, Makoto Shinkai, calls this, “The modern standard of the body-swap genre,” so I’m recommending based on good faith the writer will deliver.

Inside Mari Manga Volume 1

Yesterday college dropout Isao Komori was killing time playing video games and hitting up the convenience store. Today, he finds himself in the body of a popular and well-composed high school girl! How did this happen? What of the young lady whose body he now possesses? And how will he return them to their former selves. From Shuzo Oshimi, the best-selling author of Flowers of Evil and Happiness, comes a coming-of-age tale with a sci-fi twist.

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