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Informed Delivery and Order Tracking

Informed Delivery and Order Tracking

With more and more people ordering online, more and more packages are being delivered. Unfortunately, that also means more packages are being stolen. You can protect yourself from porch pirating and other forms of mail theft by making use of the following tracking services:

UPS Tracking

If your order is being sent via UPS shipping methods, it is possible to track a package using the tracking number provided upon placing an order. For more information on tracking with UPS, please visit the official UPS website here.

USPS Informed Delivery

If your order is being sent via USPS shipping methods, it is recommended that USPS Informed Delivery be used. Informed Delivery is a free notification system that will email images of physical letter-sized mail and allow users to manage and track their larger packages before arrival. More information can be found at the official USPS website here.

*USPS now offers alerts about incoming package delivery expectations and will allow you to see tracking details and expected delivery dates for your order. Once enabled you will be able to view mail and packages arriving at your mailbox and see expected future delivery dates for packages as well.

Whichever tracking service you are using to track your package, it is important to track the item along its entire journey. In the event that your tracking information indicates that a package has been delivered, but you have not received the package, contact your shipping service as soon as possible.

If you will not be present to sign for an order or collect a package, Right Stuf Anime can ship your package directly to your place of employment. More information on our shipping policies can be found here.