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In Another World with my Smartphone Manga 1 Review

In Another World with my Smartphone Manga 1 Review

-Written by: Devlen

Ever have a feeling that a higher power is personally targeting you with bad luck? Like, life just continues to kick you down and steal your lunch money? I know I have, but luckily for our protagonist of In Another World with my Smartphone, God had no malice behind the bad luck Touya received in the first opening pages. My initial draw to this series was that it got an anime adaptation and a friend used my Crunchyroll account to watch it. I’ve left it on my back burner for awhile, but at long last, I’ve been transported into this magical world!

The manga opens up with four, full colored pages of God apologizing to Touya for a stray lightning bolt hitting him and trying to repent for the mistake. I really liked this introduction because it shows the main character and the premise in a concise manner. As you might have guessed from the title, Touya, a 15 year old male, decided that his favor from God was to bring his smartphone to the new world and he would still be able to use it. Delighted by this young man’s resilience to the situation, God decides to not only reincarnate him into this new world with his smartphone, but also buff his stats insanely high because isekai plot armor. After Touya learns more about the world and some hijinks occur, he meets a set of twin adventurers Elze and Rinze Silhoueska and a samurai named Kokonoe Yae who want to join his party.

The story tends to fall into your typical isekai narrative where the main character finds out that they are really strong, earns a harem consisting of girls, and discovers their mission is to rescue the world from some powerful villain. There were some scenes that were funny, like where a traveling clothes merchant demanded to buy his clothes when he first arrived in the world. But as a first volume, there wasn’t much they could develop when the world itself was being built. Overall, the manga was good, but I didn’t have anything to fully reel me in or set this series apart from other isekais I’ve seen. If you are a huge fan of isekais and want something new to pick up, In Another World with my Smartphone should be the next one!

In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Volume 1

Due to God having a bit of a clumsy accident, Touya Mochizuki is killed and reincarnated in a medieval fantasy world, along with his smartphone...? His easygoing, wondrous journey through another world starts here!

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