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I'm the Catlords Manservant Manga Volume 1 Review

I'm the Catlords Manservant Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Krystal

As someone who has two cats, I can say with total confidence that they fully believe that they are the ones that run the household. One of my cats will walk around the house meowing when he wants something and he doesn’t sound like a regular cat either. A lot of time his meows sound more like he’s trying to speak English and tell me to get up and give him a treat. I’m often left wondering what would happen if my little felines could talk to me or turn into humans. After reading this manga, I’m happy that they can’t.

I’m the Catlords’ Manservant starts off with Yukiharu Izumi, a teenage boy who recently lost his parents. After his father’s death, he’s given a key with the name “Miyako” on a connected keychain and an address on it. When he goes to the address and finds a house, he opens the door, only to be surprised by five men in the middle of a fight. While this in itself is strange, what makes it even stranger is that the men tell Yukiharu that they are his father’s pets and the house he is currently standing in was a gift from him. Yukiharu is obviously confused by what they mean by “pets,” so the men turn into their true forms, cats. It turns out Yukiharu’s father tracked down five Bakenekos, or shape-shifting cat spirits, and bought them a house to live in, resulting in Yukiharu’s family to fall into massive debt that was then left to him after his father’s death. When Yukiharu tells the Bakenekos that he will need to sell the house in order to pay back his father’s debt, they offer to take over his debt and in exchange, Yukiharu has to become their servant. Reluctantly, Yukiharu agrees and moves into the house.

It turns out that each of the shapeshifters have human lives and jobs. One is a high school math teacher, another is a host and two of them are actually high school students in the same year as Ykiharu. Unfortunately for Yikiharu, the new school he ends up attending is the one where three of his fluffy friends attend/work. While the book doesn’t exactly have a storyline and is more of a compilation of various events Yikiharu experiences with his Catlords, it doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The story is funny, especially when you see these human men acting like cats. It reminded me a lot of Salem from Sabrina The Teenage Witch. He was a human that got turned into a cat, but would still act very much like a human. In this case, when the Bakenekos would be in human form they would act very much like cats. Susumu, an orange tabby and former stray, acts the most like a cat in his human form. He stalks around, goes hunting for mice and is the most skittish being in the book. It’s very amusing and also very typical cat behavior.

The artwork was very adorable. The artist was able to capture the innocent, cute look all cats portray perfectly. There is a scene where one of the shapeshifters turns into his cat form and does cute cat stuff in order to get Yikiharu to do things for him, and it works! Afterward, Yikiharu doesn’t understand why he did it and accuses the cat of brainwashing him with his cuteness. Again, as someone who has cats, I feel like this is an actual super power that all cats have. It doesn’t matter how naughty or annoying they can be, all they have to do is look cute and they get what they want. The illustrator also did a really nice job with the character designs. The human forms and cat forms of the shapeshifters are perfect correlations to one another. It was very easy to match their cat forms with their human forms.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The storyline was very innocent, the art was adorable and the characters were all very unique. I’ll be interested in seeing how the story progresses and Yikiharu’s relationship with his Catlords changes over time. The only real criticism I have is that in the beginning there were five shape-shifters and then one of them just disappears and we don’t see him again. Hopefully in volume two he either reappears or they explain what happened because I was left a little confused once I finished the book and realized they only expanded on four of the felines. Even with that little mistake, this book still sunk its claws into my brain and made me itching for more!

I'm the Catlords Manservant Manga Volume 1

Izumi Yukihara, high school second year. His life is completely average-until a series of misfortunate events turn his life upside down. As if losing his parents weren't enough, he's saddled with their massive debt and forced to relocate to a new residence. On the bright side, the owners of his new residence offer him a chance to repay his debt...by serving cats?!

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