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Waifu/Husbando Battles 2020!

Waifu/Husbando Battles 2020!

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Decide who will be crowned “Best Girl” and “Best Boy” in our Husbando and Waifu Battles! In a bracket-style tournament, 32 characters will go head to head to decide who is the best, and ONLY YOU can decide the victor.

16 Waifus, 16 Husbandos, Only Two Champions!

Join Our Bracket Contest!

Guess the final results to win prizes! Select the waifus and husbandos you think will win each matchup by clicking the covers below. Once you have the region filled out, click the “Proceed to Next Region” button to proceed. After all the regions are filled out, pick the winner of the final rounds and hit “Submit Bracket!”

Guess the most correct answers to win these prizes:

  • First Place: $100 Right Stuf gift card + prizes, including Nozomi title of your choice
  • Second Place: $50 Gift Card + Nozomi Title of your choice
  • Third Place: $25 Gift Card + Nozomi title of your choice

Husbando/Waifu Battle Schedule

  • Fill Out Your Bracket: Jan. 27-Feb. 2
  • Voting Round 1: Feb. 3-Feb. 5
  • Round 2: Feb. 6-Feb. 10
  • Round 3: Feb. 11-12
  • Championship: Feb. 13-Feb. 16
  • Winner Crowned: Feb. 17
Fill Out Your Bracket

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