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Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge Review

Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge Review

-Written by: Courtney

We all know the saying, “A person’s eyes are windows into their soul.” Well, this is most definitely the case in Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge. While it’s already known that someone as stolen Kurapika’s eyes, the story progresses into multiple twists and turns as well as answering a huge question that fans have been wondering. We also get see Killua’s internal struggle with his inner darkness, Kurapika’s struggle overcoming grief, Leorio being his usual clumsy yet passionate self, and of course Gon’s faith and trust in everyone that seems to hold the group together. Other memorable characters also make short appearances and cameos too as well as getting introduced to two new characters.

The film does not lack the humor and well-thought out fighting sequences that only Togashi Yoshihiro is known for. This film kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, which has not happened since watching the Dark Tournament arc in Togashi’s very well-known work, Yu Yu Hakusho. As a fairly new fan to the Hunter x Hunter series, I was very excited to watch Phantom Rouge and ready to re-watch it at any time. I am positive established and long-time fans of this amazing series will enjoy it as much as I have. I will now leave these parting words to any one reading this review. “Sit back, relax and keep an eye on the show.”

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Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge- Someone has stolen Kurapika’s eyes—and according to him, it was another survivor from his clan who were massacred for their Scarlet Eyes! Gon and Killua begin investigating on his behalf, but shortly after they've begun, the Phantom Troupe appears!

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