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How To Treat Magical Beast Manga Volume 1 Review

How To Treat Magical Beast Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Quinn

First off, imagine if the worlds of Harry Potter and The Ancient Magus’ Bride collided. What would you get? Probably something that reads eerily close to How to Treat Magical Beasts! In it young Ziska is an apprentice veterinarian, but she doesn’t just treat dogs and cats…she also treats fabled magical beasts! This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “monster-of-the-week” as new patients find themselves under Ziska’s care. I just adore the artwork in this story as each creature is fully imagined but still has small, unique twists to its more commonplace imaginings. Every one of them appears full of life too…well, at least once they’re healed!

Ziska is just starting out learning her craft and she isn’t alone on her journey to heal by way of magic. Niko, her teacher and Master Veterinarian, is a highly educated man and though he’s convinced science is the way of the future he’s not opposed to Ziska’s use of magic. Often it appears as though the teacher is still learning a thing or two from his student – which I’m sure students everywhere can appreciate!

While this first volume of How to Treat Magical Beasts features an awe inspiring magical creature in each chapter it’s their caretakers whom I really want to know more about. In a way Ziska and Niko’s relationship reminds me of the heartwarming interactions between the main cast of Barakamon or Sweetness & Lightning. I just really wanted to spend more time with these characters and get to know them better, but sadly this introductory volume focuses more on the beasts and not the people. However, there are hints of a deeper backstory so I’ll just have to keep reading in order to find out more. Especially how Ziska ended up in Niko’s care! I’m also really looking forward to the expanding human cast which includes antique store owner Kamil and his apprentice Annie. What better place for our vets to find items of ancient history plus one specific fiery creature! If you’re a fan of fantasy, or mythology in general, I’d highly recommend picking up this first volume of How to Treat Magical Beasts!

How to Treat Magical Beasts Manga Volume 1

In an age of science and forgotten magic, mythic beasts are beginning to disappear from the world. A young girl named Ziska, born into a line of mages, becomes the apprentice to a veterinarian of regular animals–but Ziska’s interests lie with beasts of a more magical nature. Can she help these creatures of legend survive in a world that is leaving them behind?!

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