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Garrison Girl An Attack On Titan Novel Review

Garrison Girl An Attack On Titan Novel Review

-Written by: Michael

If you're anything like me, you love all things related to Attack on Titan. Ironically, I almost turned down the opportunity to review Garrison Girl (An Attack on Titan Novel) by Rachel Aaron, but I'm so glad I didn't. I enjoyed every moment I spent reading this novel, and I hope you will too.

Garrison Girl allows you to peek into the life and times of Rosalie Dumarque. She's a spunky blonde haired girl, and even though she comes from royalty, she is tough and determined. Rosalie wants to keep the Dumarque name in a good light and is willing to do anything (even give up her life) to make that happen. She's tired of living a life of luxury and wants to make her mark in the world by defending her home. That means (you guessed it) fighting titans! Did I mention that she's only 16 years old? Talk about goals! While others of her social status have no problem living the easy life behind the wall, Rosalie wants to do so much more and this novel takes you on that journey with her. Full of action and intrigue, it’s sure to keep you interested the entire read. Personally, I enjoy anime over manga or novels (and the more fan service the better). However, even I can appreciate a good read when I come across one.

In my opinion, Garrison Girl is well worth your time and money. I hope everyone that gets this novel feels the same as I do. I'd like to personally thank Rachel Aaron for her hard work and congratulate her on a job well done!

Garrison Girl An Attack On Titan Novel

When the last vestige of the human race is threatened by unstoppable carnivorous giants, a brave young woman decides to defy her wealthy family and join the military garrison to battle humanity’s enemies. But Rosalie Dumarque soon finds that her dream of escaping the protection of Wall Rose not only leads to bloody sword fights with monsters, but exposes her to other dangers. Can she earn the trust of her fellow soldiers, stand up to a corrupt authority, navigate a forbidden romance…and cut her way out of a titan’s throat?

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