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For the Kid I Saw in my Dreams Manga Review

For the Kid I Saw in my Dreams Manga Review

-Written by: Jocelyn

Being a huge fan of Erased, I’ve always loved Kei Sanbe’s art style and storylines, so without hesitation, I picked up this new manga “For the Kid I Saw in my Dreams”. Although it’s only around 170 pages, it does feature a nice hardcover which was a delightful surprise for the small $12.74 price tag.

Since it’s from the same author and illustrator, you can definitely feel the similar Erased vibes within the story as the main character faces intense emotions through loss and heartache. This manga focuses more on the “revenge” aspect instead of the “go back to the past and fix my mistakes” sort of ideas that Erased contained. The art style, of course, is similar to Kei Sanbe’s other work. Its fluid, easy to read, not overcrowded but uniquely detailed and enjoyable, truly a hidden gem of a creator.

Kei sets the stage of what’s happened in young Senri’s life, the loss of both parents, and the possible death of someone with a far greater connection to him helps put the story into focus. With so much darkness in such a short volume, I really hope to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. But Kei does an excellent job showing the characters emotions through actions and expressions on the page. It makes you feel deeply for the main character as he tries to face his past memories and fight his present anger, although we can only hope he doesn’t get consumed by his determination for revenge.

I’ll be patiently awaiting the next volume to see where the story leads as we know all too well of Mr. Sanbe’s twists and turns that make the story so much sweeter. Here’s to hoping that it will also someday get an anime adaptation. Let’s solve this case and catch a killer. If you loved Erased or other stories that contain a lot of mystery, suspense, and emotions, I would highly recommend this series to you.

For The Kid I Saw In My Dreams Manga Volume 1

As a young child, Senri Nakajou saw his family murdered before his eyes, and he's lived for revenge ever since. From his daily activities to his studies, everything is about attaining the power and money necessary to find the killer and make him pay-even if it means getting a little dirty himself...

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